Offshore marine supply bases and logistics hubs

Whether in remote locations or major industrial areas, logistics hubs need to adapt to meet industry changing needs. This can be across a dynamic range from net zero ambitions, operational improvement to expansion campaigns.
Offshore marine supply bases

Offshore supply bases are strategically located complex of facilities that are designed to provide logistical support to offshore assets and operations. They  act as a hub - linking up land-based and offshore operations.

In the Oil and Gas industry, these bases must ensure the necessary services, equipment, and supplies are available, reliable, and efficiently deployedto make sure offshore assets operate efficiently and effectively.


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Create a streamlined offshore marine supply base

While demand for oil and gas remains, ports are necessary to provide vital support to offshore exploration and production activities. These offshore marine supply bases need to combine the highest levels of operational safety with advanced engineering and maintenance capabilities.

Our multidisciplinary teams have been involved in offshore marine supply engineering and planning for decades, we understand the changing needs of offshore supply base over its working life. Ensuring the dynamic balance of warehousing and inventory management, transport and logistics, maintenance and repair, and customized services and security is key.

We’re experts in designing infrastructure which meets current needs but are resilient to change.

With a wealth of in-house architects; structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers; environmental scientists; coastal engineers; and financial experts we’re ready to support you with cost-effective, streamlined, and efficient solutions.

Offshore marine supply bases

Material offloading facilities (MOF or MOLF)

Offshore marine supply bases

Through the lifespan of marine supply bases, their needs and requirements change. During initial construction of field assets or the expansion of existing field marine supply bases are often repurposed as Material Offshore Facilities to support construction efforts.

Our consultants are experts in assessing where to invest in the right infrastructure to efficiently and cost effectively support this construction.

Offshore marine supply capabilities for your port

Ports can act as construction support bases and operations hubs for offshore oil, gas, and wind energy production as well as material offloading facilities (MOF/MOLF) and storage sites.

We can help you develop your port in a way that suits your site – to better support offshore energy supply and make the most of this market. Our range of consultancy services includes:

  • Business case and economic evaluations
  • Site selection studies
  • Masterplan development
  • Feasibility studies for new build, expansion, or upgrade
  • Conceptual, FEED, and basic and reference design development
  • Detailed designs for supply base components such as reclamation and shore protection, buildings, marshalling yards, and jetty and quay structures
  • Production of complete tender documentation packages for construction work and equipment supply based on both traditional and EPC procurement routes
  • Technical, commercial, and environmental due diligence studies
  • Operational improvement analysis
  • Navigation – Fleet assessment, dredging requirements, aid to navigation
  • Supply chain logistics – Berth utilization, fleet utilization, material flows etc.
  • Smart Ports – Digital and environmental transformation
  • Safety audits and inspections
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Maritime challenges

To create future-proof maritime facilities that will continue to thrive for decades to come, you need a combined digital, sustainable, and climate resilient strategy.

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