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Achieve future-proof, resilient solutions tailored to your needs. Rise to the complex challenges faced in our ever-changing world and optimise your current and planned operations with an expert partner.
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Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent company dating from 1881 integrating engineering, design, consultancy, software and technology to deliver more added value for clients. Through our mission Enhancing Society Together, we take responsibility for having a positive impact on the world and contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Solutions we offer our clients in the United States:

Supply chain & logistics

Are your supply chain and logistics fit for changing demand patterns, disruptive events and resource scarcity? Can you rely on them for operational continuity and happy customers, to deliver profit, performance and competitive advantage? Our futureproof solutions add value throughout the entire chain – from raw material to end consumer.

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Twinn Witness predictive simulation software

What’s the best strategy to improve operational performance? Is there a business case for expansion? Where can you best make cost savings? Twinn Witness gives you the power to validate decisions in a risk-free environment by using virtual models of your existing and planned facilities and operations. User-friendly, flexible and powerful, Witness gives you detailed insights before you invest.

Climate resilience

Climate change is putting people, assets and infrastructure at increasing risk. Flooding, drought, heatwaves, landslides and wind are impacting communities and the climate will continue to change for decades to come. This presents a double challenge: reducing greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change, while also building resilience and adapting to its effects.

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Maritime design


The global trend of mega-ships, extreme weather events, and economic uncertainty collide with the push for sustainable practices. This creates challenges for governments, private port and shipyard owners to develop smart, green, and resilient facilities for the future. We use our 140+ years of maritime expertise to help  navigate these complexities through innovative strategies and sustainable development. 


The world needs water. It’s essential for health, society, and prosperity. It’s part of life itself. But increasing regulations and the acceleration of climate change are putting pressure on water utilities and industrial water users. We need to change our relationship with water today to protect supply in the future.

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Transport services

Sustainable mobility

Increasing urbanisation and rapidly changing behaviour from a new generation are putting our transport systems under pressure and demand more sustainable mobility. Augmented by new technologies, these factors are converging to reshape our mobility system as we know it. We call this revolution the mobility transition and are helping cities navigate it.


As a global leader in airport development, we have shaped airports in more than 100 countries, with projects spanning major landmark designs to smaller airports. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to airport design using digital engineering, 3D Modelling and BIM technology to help our clients accurately understand, predict and direct passenger flows, improve asset management and deliver a better passenger experience.

Tunnels and underground structures


Tunnels are a vital part of our infrastructure, providing a significant impact on reducing problems of space and improving the quality of life at ground level. We support our clients during the initial planning phase, the actual delivery and maintenance of these structures. Through an integral approach, we are able to develop durable, efficient and safe structures.

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