Twinn Witness predictive simulation software

Experiment with what-if scenarios and unlock in-depth business insights

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Twinn Witness Overview

De-risk decision making
Uncover insights on your processes and operations in a virtual environment, so you can make evidence-based decisions in the real world.
Solve complex challenges
Create models that replicate real-life business problems and experiment with multiple what-if scenarios to find the best solution.
Improve performance and ROI
Improve performance, reduce costs and build robust business cases – driving sustainable growth and increasing return on investment.
Improve communication
Communicate understanding of your processes, data and how they affect one another through the visual nature of simulation.

Why Twinn Witness

What’s the best strategy to improve operational performance? How can you achieve production targets? Is there a business case for expansion? Where can you best make cost savings?

Twinn Witness gives you the power to validate decisions in a risk-free environment by using virtual models of your existing and planned facilities and operations.

User-friendly, flexible and powerful, Witness gives you detailed insights into CapEx, continuous improvement and operational improvements before you invest.

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Expert training and support

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Simulation Modelling Training

Comprehensive, customisable training led by Twinn’s professional team of trainers, consultants and product experts.

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Modelling Support and Consulting

Expert simulation modelling support and consulting for scalable solutions across all industries.

How Witness Works

Create virtual models of facilities and operations
  • Spreadsheets can’t replicate the intricacies or range of real-life challenges – but with Twinn Witness, the drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to swiftly create models (or digital twins) that mirror your business processes
  • Incorporate a range of data – from Excel files to cloud services – by linking to your external tools
Combine discrete events with continuous flows
  • Build models that incorporate continuous process elements (fluids flowing through pipes, for example) as well as variable events – helping you find the most efficient and cost-effective solution across multiple scenarios
  • Flexible functionality gives you the power to visualise solutions to a multitude of operational and strategic challenges – replicating the range and complexity of real-life business problems
Switch between 2D, 3D and abstract visualisation
  • Plan and design your model layout in 2D – then switch seamlessly to whichever view maximises impact for stakeholders
  • Choose 3D for an immersive visual experience or view your model as an abstract process flow – providing an in-depth understanding of multiple what-if scenarios facing your business
Leverage simple yet powerful logic coding
  • With Twinn Witness, there’s no need for complex coding – instead, develop your logic in compartmentalised blocks within the process simulation software
  • Use powerful coding techniques – either from Twinn Witness or external code libraries such as C++, C#,, or Python, when required
Unlock unparalleled business intelligence
  • Use the power of predictive simulation to run parallel replications with different scenarios – Witness Experimenter finds the best solutions to complex questions quickly
  • Dynamic charts and reports provide answers to key stakeholder questions, empowering you with predictive analysis and data to transform business processes – plus export simulation data seamlessly for external analysis
Discover comprehensive support
  • With getting started workbooks, video tutorials and sample models, Twinn Witness predictive simulation software is easy to use
  • Twinn provides training designed to optimise your modelling capability, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro
  • Maximise value with the help of our expert consultants – depending on your requirements, we’ll provide support with building models or deliver a comprehensive service to optimise predictive simulation results

Twinn Witness predictive simulation software plays a crucial role in our business forecasting because it enables accurate, system-level thinking. The fact I was able to use this technology from the beginning and embed it in our day-to-day work has made a huge difference.

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Discover more - Schedule a personalised demo to see how Witness can help you make smarter, more confident decisions.


Schedule a personalised demo to see how Witness can help you make smarter, more confident decisions.