Simulation Modelling

Scalable simulation modelling solutions for challenges across all industries

An operator working at a computer monitoring performance of a manufacturing facility.

Better decision making with predictive simulation modelling

Extensive experience
Leverage our extensive experience to deliver successful, scalable models
Proven approach
Over 30 years experience delivering simulation solutions 
Scalable solutions
Generate value with models fit for both short-term and long-term success
Speed to answers
Answer strategic and operational questions quickly and with confidence

Our experience

The Twinn simulation modelling team provides consulting, support and training across a diverse range of industries and application areas, including automotive, oil and gas, food and beverage, manufacturing, supply chain, warehousing, healthcare and more.

The team has decades of combined experience delivering simulation solutions to businesses using Twinn Witness predictive simulation software, and helps organisations drive value through better, more informed decision making. Their experience and diverse sector knowledge ensures the delivery of successful, scalable predictive simulation solutions. 
Two engineers looks at analysis from a simulation model on a computer screen
Engineers walk through a manufacturing plant while looking at a simulation model

Our approach

The Twinn Simulation Methodology is our proven approach to managing all client engagements. This methodology guides the project from initial scoping to final delivery, ensuring all requirements are agreed to and achieved. The vast experience of the simulation team equips them to develop and deploy scalable decision-support solutions to support both short-term and long-term requirements.

The team can deliver solutions to your organisation requiring minimal internal expertise in simulation, or they can work alongside you to provide guidance as your organisation develops its own internal capabilities. They offer unrivaled experience in maximising value from predictive simulation.

Twinn provided us with extensive technical and business experience and ensured we got an appropriate model as quickly as possible.


Twinn Witness Simulation Software

User-friendly, flexible and powerful, Witness gives you detailed insights into CapEx, continuous improvement and operational improvements before you invest.
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Darren Travers - Director of Business Development, Industry


Director of Business Development, Industry