As a leading engineering consultancy firm with global experience and local track record, we provide a wide range of services that contribute to the development and resilience of the Philippines.
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Comprised of thousands of islands, the Philippines is at constant risk from natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes, rising sea levels, and the continued impacts of climate change. Additionally, the desire for rapid economic growth in the archipelago means that there is an urgent need to develop its maritime infrastructure. Our projects not only help public and private sector clients improve their climate resilience and safeguard lives and property from climate-related risks but also address the pressing need for robust maritime facilities.

Furthermore, the Philippines faces a significant challenge with some of the most expensive electricity tariffs in Asia. In order to tackle this issue and move towards sustainable energy sources, there is a growing necessity to develop renewables such as offshore wind energy. Our initiatives aim to support the Philippines in diversifying its energy mix, reducing dependence on costly electricity sources, and fostering the growth of clean and affordable offshore wind power.

For two decades, Royal HaskoningDHV in the Philippines has embraced the philosophy that by working together we can achieve more. We have over 50 professionals who work closely with clients and stakeholders to deliver leading consultancy, design, and engineering services. Through these multifaceted efforts, we strive to contribute to the country's resilience, infrastructure, and energy goals.

Climate resilience: adapt and thrive in a changing world

Climate change is putting people, assets and infrastructure at increasing risk. Flooding, drought, heatwaves, landslides and wind are impacting communities and the climate will continue to change for decades to come. This presents a double challenge: reducing greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change, while also building resilience and adapting to its effects.

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Maritime design

Maritime engineering consultancy: your first port of call

The global shift to ever-larger ships. The increasing frequency of climate change hazards. Economic uncertainty and rising financial pressures. A growing focus on sustainability. Governments and owners of private ports and shipyards face numerous challenges in developing the smart, green, and resilient facilities of the future.

As one of the world’s leading maritime consultants, we use more than 140 years of expertise to optimise maritime operations around the globe. Harnessing innovative strategies and sustainable development, we help ports, shipyards, and terminals realise their potential to compete, grow, and enhance society as a whole.

Water: protect a vital resource

The world needs water. It’s essential for health, society, and prosperity. It’s part of life itself. But increasing regulations and the acceleration of climate change are putting pressure on water utilities and industrial water users. We need to change our relationship with water today to protect supply in the future.

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Renewable energy: accelerate the transition

Sources of renewable energy are crucial to meet global demand and address climate change. We support energy developers and providers to create low-cost and resilient renewable energy systems that accelerate the transition to clean, low-carbon sources and help build a sustainable future.

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