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Partner with our consulting and engineering experts for a greener future. Driving sustainable transformations in manufacturing, supply chain, maritime and water solutions.
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Royal HaskoningDHV is your partner in driving sustainable transformations in manufacturing, supply chain, maritime and water solutions in the United Kingdom. With our extensive global experience and expertise, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges.

Delivering excellence in manufacturing & supply chain operations

Changes in demand patterns are driving major transformations in global manufacturing industries and supply chains. Addressing decarbonisation and sustainable manufacturing is just one of the urgent focus areas. Rapidly changing market dynamics and operational environments are driving demand for faster adaptation via new product lines and variations, with a simultaneous focus on lean production and minimising costs.

Innovate for tomorrow, protect resources today

Clean water is humanity's most fundamental need. It’s essential for health, society, and prosperity. It’s part of life itself.

And right now, we have an opportunity to redefine our relationship with water. To stop treating it as a commodity that we take for granted. And instead, to take a circular approach that integrates with society – reclaiming resources and energy, and avoiding wastage and loss at every part of the water cycle.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we help companies lead this vital transformation. We provide forward-looking services, software, and technology, encompassed in a broad, coherent vision for sustainable, integrated water (re)use and water treatment.

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AMP8 and beyond

In the face of environmental and regulatory challenges, such as net zero targets and climate change mitigation, we bring our global water sector expertise to provide solutions, tailored to your requirements.

Our services encompass various disciplines, including green infrastructure, smart systems, AI, wastewater treatment, and resource recovery. By collaborating with water utilities and stakeholders, we develop holistic solutions that address challenges at a local and national level.

Our portfolio of digital solutions and technologies supports asset optimisation, automation, exemplary compliance, renewable energy production, carbon reduction, and resource recovery. We ensure that our solutions align with the future challenges faced by the industry, including aging assets, climate adaptation, and water re-use.

Your first port of call for maritime engineering, consultancy, and design 

The global shift to ever-larger ships. The increasing frequency of climate change hazards. Economic uncertainty and rising financial pressures. A growing focus on sustainability. To build smart, green, and resilient facilities in the future, the UK government and private port and shipyard owners need to address these challenges.

As one of the world’s leading maritime consultants, we have over 140 years of expertise in optimising maritime operations around the globe. Our innovative and sustainable approaches assist ports, shipyards, and terminals in achieving their full potential to compete, grow, and enhance society as a whole.

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Global delivery of innovative, sustainable data centres

As digital technology becomes more sophisticated, data infrastructure must evolve to meet the demands of its users and society. Today, data centre sustainability is non-negotiable for every data centre around the world.

Climate resilience

It’s more important than ever to understand how climate change affects businesses, infrastructure, and people. Our climate resilience services cater to both private and public sector organisations, guiding them throughout their climate journey to a resilient future.

We support you in a wide range of climate resilient services ranging from bringing climate change awareness to your organisation, alongside identifying climate hazards and translating these into risk, followed by adaptation planning and providing innovative solutions that enable you to adapt, mitigate and thrive within our changing climate.

These services are underpinned by our unique blend of expert design, consultancy knowledge and software and data solutions which come together to ensure that we understand what climate change means for you and your business.

Roadmap climate resilience

Why choose Royal HaskoningDHV

Clients approach us because we offer a comprehensive suite of services and expertise that address their specific needs. We provide a one-stop shop experience, accompanying you on a transformative journey encompassing effect of climate changes, evolving consumer demands, and post-Brexit challenges, such as disruptions in the supply chain.

Our personal approach and in-depth understanding of the industries we serve enable us to act as an extension of your team. We offer strategic consultancy, business case development, project management, planning, design, and engineering services.

By partnering with us, you gain access to cutting-edge solutions, state-of-the-art software, and world-leading technology. We are committed to sustainable, integrated water use and manufacturing practices that improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to a better future.

We act ethically and with transparency in our business dealings, respecting the customs and laws of our working environments, such as the Modern Slavery Act (download) & Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations.



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