AMP8 – Facing up to future challenges

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Waste water treatment

AMP8 goals and regulations

In AMP8, water companies are facing environmental and regulatory challenges with the most prominent themes; Net Zero by 2030, reducing sewage spills and a continued need to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Royal HaskoningDHV brings global water sector expertise to deliver advice in innovations and best practices across a range of disciplines including green infrastructure, nature-based solutions, smart systems, AI, wastewater treatment and resource recovery. 

We also work extensively outside the water sector with other stakeholders such as local authorities, private sector landowners and governmental bodies to support holistic solutions from community flooding schemes to national infrastructure.

We bring a portfolio of state-of-the-art digital solutions and technologies aligned to these drivers to support asset optimisation and automation, exemplary compliance, enhanced renewable energy production and carbon reduction and resource recovery.

We work with UK utilities and their supply chains to deliver solutions to current regulatory challenges, but more importantly we look to the future and AMP8 to understand what these solutions will be facing. To ensure we implement the optimal solution now, that is ready to tackle changes that are coming society’s way in the near and far future. 

Our expertise and technologies are aligned with the industries future challenges to unlock new possibilities like; optimising aging assets, climate adaption, reclaiming resources from wastewater, maximising efficiency in biogas production, process emissions reduction and water re-use.

Our digital and technology services

  • Twinn Aqua Suite be used to optimise sewerage networks to reduce spills without capital infrastructure.
  • Aqua Suite PURE combined with consultancy support to optimise wastewater treatment performance for improved compliance and reduced emissions.
  • Nereda® technology, our award-winning treatment technology providing biological phosphorus and total nitrogen removal to meet the most stringent discharge consents with low footprint, little or no chemicals and reduced energy usage.
  • Resource Recovery including Crystalactor Technology to recover phosphorus from WwTW’s and calcium from WTW’s and HUMVI to recovery humic acids from WTW’s.
  • Ephyra and Helea – Anaerobic Digestion technologies to increase capacity and biogas production, enhance digestate quality and reduce emissions.
  • Application of digital twins to nature-based solutions to develop sustainable alternatives to additional stormwater storage and/or treatment capacity.
  • Environmental modelling and collaboration with academic partners to model complex challenges from bathing water compliance to emerging threats (micropollutants, AMR)
  • Land use models to support catchment wide improvements (including a phosphorus land use model).

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Aqua suite

AI-powered software that helps you gain actionable insight into your water and wastewater infrastructure to make better decisions, while performance is autonomously optimised.

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Nereda® technology

Modern, cost-effective, sustainable and proven for any scale and treatment objective

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With nearly 100 sites worldwide, Crystalactor is a reliable technology for the recovery of minerals from water and wastewater, with the most common applications being phosphorus recovery from sludge treatment, liquors, and calcite recovery from water softening. The pelletised product has a range of applications.

Got a  question? - Contact our Water Technology experts!

Got a question?

Contact our Water Technology experts!