Water circularity

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NEREDA plant in the UK to optimise water circularity

Optimize your water circularity

As climate change causes droughts to become more frequent, wastewater treatment is becoming as important as drinking water distribution. Reusing water wherever possible leads to a safer, more sustainable water supply for all. Meanwhile, recovering valuable chemical resources and energy from the treatment process can unlock revenue and cut emissions.

In short, water circularity has never been more important.

As 2020 Water Technology Company of the decade, Royal HaskoningDHV is recognised as a world leader in developing innovative approaches to water treatment. We work with our clients to build a more sustainable service – delivering new revenue opportunities and positively impacting society and the world in which we live.

Our award-winning wastewater treatment solution, Nereda, has been voted the best water technology innovation of the last decade. It provides high quality treated water with less energy usage to help optimise water circularity and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Our current products

Ephyra is considered the most cost-effective digestion technology. It has significantly more sludge degradation, higher biogas yields, better final dewatering, and low chemical usage – all with the smallest carbon footprint.

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Kaumera Nereda Gum

With Nereda wastewater treatment, valuable biopolymers can be harvested from sludge. These biopolymers have a range of applications including use as biostimulants, coatings, flame retardant, concrete curing, thickeners and emulsifiers. Conversion of wastewater into high value biopolymers has the potential to completely change the economics of wastewater treatment and help to decarbonise the chemical industry supply chain.

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With nearly 100 sites worldwide, Crystalactor is a reliable technology for the recovery of minerals from water and wastewater, with the most common applications being phosphorus recovery from sludge treatment, liquors, and calcite recovery from water softening. The pelletised product has a range of applications.

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