Kaumera Nereda® Gum

An innovation in resource recovery
Water technology Kaumera
Kaumera Nereda Gum, is a new bio-based resource which is extracted from aerobic granular sludge originated from the Nereda wastewater treatment process. This sustainable biopolymer is a valuable resource and a viable alternative to a variety of oil-based materials. The first large-scale Kaumera production unit has now been officially opened in Zutphen, with the second production unit in Epe online.

Kaumera applications 

Kaumera offers a wide variety of applications, making it a versatile, environmentally and economically beneficial product for use in agriculture, the building sector, and the textile and paper industries. One of its core features is its ability to both absorb or repel water, offering various opportunities:

  • It provides an excellent coating material for slow-release fertilizers and paper
  • It is a bio-stimulant (agriculture)
  • It can be used as a binding agent to help pelletise powder-like materials as struvite
  • It is a fire retardant
  • It can be used as a curing agent for concrete
  • It can be combined with other raw materials into bio-nanocomposite materials.

Kaumera in development 

Working in partnership since 2013, Water Authority Rijn en IJssel, Water Authority Vallei en Veluwe, STOWA, Delft University of Technology, Royal HaskoningDHV, Energie & Grondstoffen Fabriek and Chaincraft have combined research, expertise and investment to develop the extraction process of Kaumera.
Made possible by the European Commission through the LIFE programme.

The future of Kaumera 

The introduction of Kaumera offers a huge step forward for resource recovery and the circular water economy. Using Kaumera as a sustainable biopolymer decreases the amount of fossil resources and first-generation biomass required. In addition, Kaumera production decreases energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the wastewater treatment process. Nereda technology is used worldwide in wastewater treatment and each Nereda installation has the potential to incorporate a Kaumera extraction unit.