Based in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin, Royal HaskoningDHV Australia provides independent engineering, environmental and project management consultancy services to companies around the nation – and in neighbouring regions, including New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
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Our specialist engineers and scientists design and implement resilience and business continuity solutions for clients in a range of industries. From coastal, floodplain, and maritime projects through water, infrastructure, and industry to mining, energy, and engineering – we have the experience and expertise to help you overcome the challenges facing modern society.

Where technology meets expertise

Our experts in Australia are supported by our international teams across the globe, with knowledge sharing and collaboration between offices ensuring our clients always receive the best level of service.

Our team have a long and successful track record of specialist consultancy and project delivery in coastal, maritime, and waterway fields. Every one of us is dedicated to exploring the practical applications of the latest technologies to deliver innovative, cost-effective, and timely solutions to complex challenges.

The key to this is developing an intimate understanding of the challenges you face. Accordingly, we build strong relationships with each of our clients, going above and beyond to understand their business needs so our projects deliver optimal outcomes, time after time.

In addition, our high-level technical expertise adds extra value by identifying opportunities for significant cost reductions through design, innovation, digital solutions and risk management processes.

And our familiarity with environmental, planning, and approval legislation, statutory requirements, and conditions of contract enables us to minimise and effectively manage project risks.

Climate resilience: adapt and thrive in a changing world

Climate change is putting people, assets and infrastructure at increasing risk. Flooding, drought, heatwaves, landslides and wind are impacting communities and the climate will continue to change for decades to come. This presents a double challenge: reducing greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change, while also building resilience and adapting to its effects.

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Maritime consultants, maritime facilities

Maritime engineering consultancy: your first port of call

The global shift to ever-larger ships. The increasing frequency of climate change hazards. Economic uncertainty and rising financial pressures. A growing focus on sustainability. Governments and owners of private ports and shipyards face numerous challenges in developing the smart, green, and resilient facilities of the future.

As one of the world’s leading maritime consultants, we use more than 140 years of expertise to optimise maritime operations around the globe. Harnessing innovative strategies and sustainable development, we help ports, shipyards, and terminals realise their potential to compete, grow, and enhance society as a whole.

Water: protect a vital resource

The world needs water. It’s essential for health, society, and prosperity. It’s part of life itself. But increasing regulations and the acceleration of climate change are putting pressure on water utilities and industrial water users. We need to change our relationship with water today to protect supply in the future.

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Renewable energy: accelerate the transition

Sources of renewable energy are crucial to meet global demand and address climate change. We support energy developers and providers to create low-cost and resilient renewable energy systems that accelerate the transition to clean, low-carbon sources and help build a sustainable future.

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Got a question?

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