Wherever passengers are travelling, chances are our aviation engineers have ready made their journey a little smoother. We develop inspired solutions and provide project management services for airport and airline developers. Our portfolio dates back 65 years and spans 550 airports.



Whether office, factory, school, data centre or hospital, buildings need to be fit for purpose, cost effective to run, and offer comfort and adequate functionality to their occupants. Innovative technologies ensure the best use of space, materials and energy. Innovative design ensures our buildings enhance their environment.



Securing the world's energy supply is one of today's biggest challenges. Engineering and environmental solutions for the energy sector are our expertise. Our installations harness wind, waves and tides. We are active in anaerobic, bio-fossil, biomass plants and thermal energy and power.

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Innovation in industrial engineering is our forte across food and beverage, oil and gas, petro-chemical, production and assembly lines. Delivering all project phases from feasibility to full engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services, we have the skills required to bring projects to completion.

An aerial view of packing machinery next to a conveyor belt within a light industry factory


Partnering with clients to develop and design bridges, roads, tunnels and smart transport solutions, we understand the value for societies of effective infrastructure. We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that transport people, goods and resources more quickly, more safely and with less negative impact.

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Respected global maritime consultants and world leaders within the maritime sector. Providing technical excellence in port engineering and design, port planning and port development studies. Our maritime consultants are experts in the development of maritime and marine structures including shipyards, ports, oil and gas terminals and marine pipelines.


Urban development

The global population is growing. By 2050, seven billion people are expected to be living in cities; almost double the urban population today. Increasing urbanisation adds to the globes ongoing industrial, transport & water challenges, and so the need for comprehensive master planning is greater than ever.

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Due to growing demand for water and flood protection we see the neccessity to improve the management of the water cycle, from capture and storage, abstraction and treatment, to flood risk management and coastal protection. Our innovations use technology and power of natural forces to create solutions that safeguard the quality and security of our water, reduce flood risks and resolve scarcity.

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