Maritime climate adaptation and resilience

Protect ports, terminals, and shipyards from evolving climate risk
maritime climate resilience

Climate change is already happening. And while reducing emissions might slow it down, climate hazards will continue to become more frequent and severe – and the sea level will continue to rise – for many decades to come. Wherever you are in the world, your port or terminal will need to adapt. 

The changing climate will affect every aspect of your port – not just the physical structures, but your supply chain, stakeholders, workforce, and customer base. Plus, the long lifecycles of maritime assets and infrastructure mean investments need to be resilient far into the future.


Strengthen terminal and port resilience to changing climate hazards

We have the hazard data, maritime experience, and adaptation knowhow to help you improve your climate resilience. From wave overtopping, flooding, and storms to the effect of heat stress on your workforce, we’ll help you see the whole picture.

Our global climate resilience portfolio includes flood defences, nature-based adaptation, and climate-smart forecasting, policies, and plans. We’ll help you understand your current position – and make smart, informed decisions about how best to prepare for the changing climate.

Climate change is here – and maritime facilities are especially affected. The more resilience we can build now, the better we can protect them for the future.

Ingrid LambertMaritime project engineer Green Ports & Climate Resilience
Ingrid Lambert - Green Ports Consultant


Green Ports Consultant