Optimising maritime operational resilience

Prepare for commercial, environmental, and legislative changes while delivering a better service for your customers.
Aerial view on port terminal

The way you operate your port and maritime facility needs to adapt as markets, the climate, and technology evolve – to build resilience, avoid downtime, and to provide a competitive edge. But with a complex network of stakeholders, suppliers, and infrastructure to manage, modernising and optimising your operations can be a difficult task. 

By creating more resilient operations, you can deliver a better service for your clients at a more attractive cost. You can use digital innovations like automation and smart asset management to increase productivity while reducing your impact on the environment, creating safe and efficient working practices.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we are available to support you with longstanding, global experience of the technical, financial, and environmental aspects of maritime operations. We help you deliver your current objectives – and meet your strategic goals.

The world of maritime is changing. Ready to join? - Our maritime experts are here to discuss your specific challenges.

The world of maritime is changing.Ready to join?

Our maritime experts are here to discuss your specific challenges.

Maritime operations support for port authorities, terminal and shipyard operators

Maximise value from your daily operations

To secure the day-to-day running of your facility – and make it as efficient and cost effective as possible – you need a full picture of your operations, how they interact, and how you can adapt them to deliver the best service for your customers and port users. 

Our experts help identify areas with potential for quick and large gains and consult on cost-effective changes you can make to deliver the most value to your facility.

Create resilience as the climate changes, markets shift, and technology advances

As well as market changes, digital innovations, and evolving needs for different types of vessels and cargo, you need to adapt your operations to contend with the increasing frequency of extreme weather events due to climate change.

We help you optimise your operations now and develop measures today to mitigate against future risk. Our specialist expertise allows you to meet changing legislation around CO₂ emissions and capitalise on changing global markets.

Maximise community benefit from maritime investments

Beyond the initial investment, the way a port, terminal, or shipyard is run can have a huge bearing on its impact on the surrounding region and communities. Operations can be optimised to balance specific outcomes – whether job creation or efficiency, emissions reduction or productivity – to make the facility more future proof.

We understand the complexities of maritime facilities and the wider role they play from local communities to global supply chains. We apply our deep industry expertise, experience of best practices, and the right technology to help improve the lives of everyone in and around a maritime facility.


Build your maritime facility’s resilience to market changes and climate hazards
Improve safety and working conditions in and around your site
Reduce downtime and boost productivity with more reliable operations
Future-proof your operations as legislation and the environment change

Taking a look at your operations – improving their resilience and efficiency – can increase the performance of your whole maritime facility.

Richard WillisTechnical Director - Port operations & technology for Smart Ports

Our services

  • Healthcheck and impact review 
  • Strategy planning consultancy
  • Optimisation consultancy and performance review
  • Master planning
  • Design and engineering
  • Port optimisation and automation consultancy  
  • Feasibility and business case studies
  • Economic and financial consultancy, product finance consultancy, financial reporting and tender support
  • Project finance for resilience projects
  • Simulation consultancy and software
  • Smart asset management
  • Climate resilience adaption
  • Digital Twin strategy, design and implementation services
Richard Willis - Technical Director - Port operations & technology for Smart Ports


Technical Director - Port operations & technology for Smart Ports

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