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Combining 140 years of practical experience with the power of bespoke digital & data tools
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Maritime environments are complex ecosystems. Infrastructure, equipment, processes, people and customers work together within regulatory controls to provide a safe, resilient and cost-effective service spanning many decades. And over 140 years, we’ve learned the only way to make a port work in harmony is to take a holistic approach.

In these environments, daily operations can be challenging. Equipment breaks down, systems fail, staffing can be inconsistent, vessels might arrive or depart late, and power outages occur. Worse, these events often happen concurrently. So resilient plans, resources, and continuity strategies are essential to allow you to deliver consistent high performance.

Most facilities' operations can also be streamlined and improved. New technology can make ports and shipyards smarter, improving performance and efficiency in all areas, from cost control to energy use. But these solutions don’t just happen; they need you to make the best use of digital systems and data.

Our design and consultancy services can help. By combining our long, practical experience of maritime operations with our deployment of suitable digital tools, we can give you the guidance and insights to implement better processes, designs and plans, using new technology to its full potential.

For example, you could:

  • Improve design efficiency– Collaborative BIM methods and design parametric automation let us test ideas, layouts, equipment and phases in a virtual 6D environment. This accelerates the design process and drives major savings in construction, asset management, and port operations.

  • Visualise complex information– Tools like virtual and augmented reality are enormously valuable in making sense of complex situations. Conveying scenarios and solutions visually, can create a common understanding with your stakeholders and supply chain.

  • Protect port infrastructure– Using sensors to capture data brings a new dimension to the way port structures are monitored and inspected. Our data scientists can assess structural health and understand how assets behave in difficult marine environments, which is especially valuable when sensors are retrofitted to older structures.

  • Make informed operational decisions– We can combine your own data with other sources, and use analytics to help you solve problems, find performance improvements, or make investment decisions. Because we have both data science and maritime expertise, we can help you set meaningful targets and understand what the information means.

Achieve your goals by combining maritime experience and digital tools

A constant focus on efficient operations
Whether you are developing a new port, terminal or shipyard facility, or updating your existing asset management practices, we work at the intersection of people, processes, and technology. This helps you to find effective, efficient processes – and achieve a safer, more cost-effective, and lower carbon operation. 
World-leading simulation, interpreted by experts
Our dynamic simulations help you improve operations and safety, reduce costs, and make complex investment and design decisions with confidence. But digital tools can’t replace intuition and knowhow. Our specialists have long maritime careers, and use their experience to provide unbiased advice about the best choices for your unique context.
Strategic guidance with data to manage your changing climate risk
The changing climate has huge implications across the maritime sector. Whether you’re understanding your exposure to evolving climate hazards, meeting risk reporting regulations, preparing disaster response plans, or designing adaptive measures, we have the data modelling, digital solutions, and real-world engineering experience to help you keep people and assets safe.

We can support you with

  • Productivity improvement with data analytics & benchmarking
  • Smart asset management
  • Port & shipyard capacity & capability analysis
  • Digital twin for ports & shipyards
  • Cargo handling automation
  • Business process modelling & performance improvement
  • Operational resilience
  • Digital & technology maturity health check
  • Technology design & implementation support
  • Smart port consultancy services
Overview of a port handling dock

Operations consultancy and digital solutions brochure

From equipment break downs to adverse weather events, day-to-day maritime facility operations can be challenging and unpredictable. We can help you enhance your facilities, optimise and automate your processes, and design and execute more efficient plans and procedures.
Operations consultancy brochure

Specialist economic and marine support

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Through First Marine International (FMI), a company of Royal HaskoningDHV, we are also able to provide specialist consultancy services to the marine industry. FMI delivers expert assistance and information to shipbuilders, ship repairers, and other marine-related organisations worldwide.

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Ocean Shipping Consultants (OSC) is our specialist unit focusing on economics and maritime markets, providing a wide range of specialist due diligence and advisory services to support the maritime, ports and logistics industry.

Mark Wootton - Director for Terminal automation


Director for Terminal automation

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