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Prepare your port for the demands of offshore wind today. Benefit from the opportunities of tomorrow!
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As the world moves to more renewable energy sources, the demand for offshore wind continues to rise. Ports are essential hubs for the manufacture, assembly, marshalling, installation, and operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. Ensure your port is ready to capitalise on the offshore wind market. 

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we have decades of experience in the maritime industry. We combine our technical expertise with a profound understanding of the strategic and commercial aspects of offshore wind port development to help you prepare for the demands of the evolving offshore wind industry.

With particular weight and size requirements to support both fixed bottom and floating wind turbine dimensions, adapting port infrastructure to offshore wind can be a complex and significant undertaking. However, we’re ready to help you navigate the entire development journey. 

From strategy, market analysis, facility planning, and design, through to construction and maintenance, we can ensure the success of your offshore wind venture. In additions, we use leading supply chain simulation technology to enhance port development in the wind sector. 

Using our in-house software, Twinn, to test and validate strategies ensures efficient and cost-effective port development for wind energy projects. It enables stakeholders to identify bottlenecks and optimise processes by modelling and analysing complex logistics in a risk-free environment. 

Our services are designed to offer maximum value to port owners, offshore wind developers, and governmental bodies. If you’re seeking to elevate your offshore wind port project or for instance create a floating wind manufacturing port, we can help.

Expert support for the entire offshore wind port lifecycle

Gain confidence to thrive in the offshore wind market
We’re trusted to deliver design and consultancy to 32% of the world’s ports. And we’ll use our expertise in port strategy, engineering, and governance to position your offshore wind port for success. We also consider the social impact of every project so you can be confident of a sustainable and responsible approach.
Get quality consultancy, design, and ongoing support
Our global technical expertise is underpinned by cutting edge technology, and this integrated approach ensures that your project is executed to the highest standards. Our team provides tailored solutions to suit your port– identifying bottlenecks and implementing strategies to enhance operational efficiency and profitability.
Achieve clarity on how to achieve value today and tomorrow
Our services cover the whole lifecycle – from strategic planning to operation and maintenance so you get long-term value. We’ll give you a comprehensive understanding the market while making sure your project is both technically sound and financially viable. 

Our wind ports consultancy services include:

  • Wind port strategy, site selection, and feasibility studies
  • Wind port masterplan including industrialisation studies 
  • Governance and policy support
  • Transport and Installation (T&I) simulation, modelling, and optimisation
  • Wind port engineering and design
  • Wind equipment and foundation manufacturing facilities design
  • Permitting, E(S)IAs, and regulatory approvals
  • Wind port performance and operational improvement
  • Digital twin solutions
  • Economics and investment advisory services
Wind farm in wind ports

Wind port consultancy services brochure

The demand for renewable energy is continually rising – and offshore wind will make up a large part of these future supplies. Ports are indispensible hubs for the manufacturing, marshalling, installation, and operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. Our services are designed to offer maximum value to port authorities, offshore wind developers, and governmental bodies. 

Offshore wind

Offshore wind, a rapidly growing energy solution, has a vital role to play in the global transition to renewable energy. This cost-effective, large-scale source of clean, carbon-free energy has tremendous potential worldwide. We help energy providers and governments in developing strategies and solutions to accelerate and industrialise offshore wind.

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