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Strategic and technical consulting for business and infrastructure resilience
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As maritime infrastructure ages, just keeping track of its condition and compliance can be a constant challenge. Moreover, you need to build resilience to rising sea levels, flooding, and extreme events affecting your hinterland. If you are unable to take a long-term, strategic view of your assets, your investments could be jeopardised.

There are significant associated risks, especially when conditions are changing so fast. But if you can gain a clearer perspective, you will make better strategic decisions, and prioritise investments that enhance asset value, and unlock sustainable growth.
If you are pursuing ISO 55000, optimising value and safety of data and infrastructure, or cutting energy and fuel waste, our global network of 650 dedicated maritime staff are available to support you. From strategic consulting to building bespoke digital tools, our experts will help you get the most from your investment – today and tomorrow.

The world of maritime is changing. Ready to join? - Our maritime experts are here to discuss your specific challenges.

The world of maritime is changing.Ready to join?

Our maritime experts are here to discuss your specific challenges.

Dedicated support for port authorities, terminal operators, commercial shipyards, and defence facilities

Port authorities and terminal operators: find opportunity in a changing market

As well as ensuring productivity and safety in your port, you need to maximise the value of every asset to grow your competitive position. We support you to prioritise your infrastructure investments to stay compliant with changing legislation, deliver efficiencies and sustainability, and keep pace with clients’ needs.

Commercial shipyards: optimise assets to deliver for customers

With an unpredictable, ever-changing workload, flexibility in your assets is key – but it’s easy to focus on the next project, rather than your own infrastructure. We’ll help you get ahead of changing market conditions – and maximise asset value in a limited space.

Defence facilities: maintain operational readiness

Naval vessels rely on your infrastructure to sustain operational readiness – so it’s essential your assets always deliver. However, this can be challenging while you are also required to meet objectives for sustainability and cost. We assist you to find the best ways to focus resources and demonstrate contract performance with confidence and professionalism.


Strategic asset management consultancy tailored to your maritime facility
Deep industry expertise supported by innovative technology and data modelling
Support for any stage of your journey – from technical inspections to digital optimisation
Value-based decision making to get the most out of your facility

A clear picture of how your assets are performing doesn't just help you maintain them, it let's you see opportunities to maximise your business' value - whether that's profitability, resilience, or responsiveness.

John-James GallagherAsset Management Specialist
John James Gallagher - Asset Management Specialist

John JamesGallagher

Asset Management Specialist

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