Marine pipelines

The global need for water is growing. Increasing populations need drinking water, and industry and energy infrastructure relies on sea water or fresh water to operate. Marine intakes, outfalls, and pipelines provide critical infrastructure for the safe, reliable and cost effective operation of these assets.
Marine Pipelines

Expert marine pipeline consultants for every project

With so many aspects of maritime pipelines to consider, it’s important you make sure your project is planned and managed to the highest standard. And enlisting a specialist is the simplest way to do just that.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we have an extensive track record – delivering over 100 specialist pipeline, intake and outfall projects globally in the last five years. Our experience spans a complete range of pipeline diameters and materials, including steel, HDPE, GRP, and concrete, for oil and gas, water, and sewage.

Our comprehensive team of technical specialists delivers robust, sustainable solutions tailored to meet the specific demands of your industry and the unique environmental conditions at your site.

Coastal engineering, planning, and design for intakes and outfalls

Optimising your intakes and outfalls helps protect the environment, keeps you compliant, and reduces maintenance costs. But like transporting oil, water, wastewater, and other resources through pipelines, intakes, and outfalls engineering can also be complicated.

Our team can support you with unparalleled knowledge of coastal processes and engineering in the marine environment. We can undertake intakes and outfalls specialist studies, and investigate problems related to dilution, dispersion, thermal recirculation, and sedimentation using numerical modelling techniques and proven modelling systems.

Specialist knowledge in transport system hydraulics

We use dedicated software to analyse and design intake, outfall, and pipeline systems, which we can tailor to your steady state or unsteady conditions. You can also benefit from our specialist hydraulics knowledge – and a broad range of services from functional design to detailed engineering.

In partnership with you, we’ll deliver reliable, durable, and cost-effective solutions to meet both your current and future needs. Our services cover: offshore intake structure and pipeline sizing, pump submergence and approach flow acceptance criteria, operational pump control design, anti-surge measures, and flow distribution of outfall diffusers.
Marine pipelines

Our marine intake, outfall, and pipeline capabilities

We’re dedicated to supporting you as you plan, design, construct, commission and operate marine pipeline and water-cooling systems. From detailed design of reinforcement, to providing expert witness interpretation in court our consultants are dedicated to being world leading experts.

Whether you operate in desalination plants for the water industry, LNG terminals, refineries, mining, nuclear, power to X, or hydrogen, our award-winning team can help you through the full project lifecycle – from site selection to design, construction, and maintenance of the pipeline itself.

Our experience covers a range of areas, including:

  • Seawater cooling systems
  • Subsea water supply pipelines
  • Wastewater treatment works outfalls
  • Intakes and outfalls for power stations, desalination plants, and industrial cooling water systems - including weirboxes, intake heads and diffusers
  • Oil and gas landfall pipelines
  • Cable landfalls
  • Project inception and planning
  • Investigations and surveys
  • Numerical modelling and outline design
  • Environmental assessment and the consenting process
  • Pre FEED, FEED and detailed design
  • Construction supervision and PMC
  • Engineering diving services
  • Condition assessment and maintenance
  • Expert witness
  • Environmental impact assessment for intakes and outfalls
  • Underpinning studies such as numerical modelling - wave, hydrodynamic, sediment transport, recirculation, dispersion
  • Coastal & pipeline protection – revetments, rock armour
techniques and proven modelling systems, our teams can assist in investigation of problems related to dilution, dispersion, thermal recirculation and sedimentation.
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Director of Energy and Fuels

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Maritime challenges

To create future-proof maritime facilities that will continue to thrive for decades to come, you need a combined digital, sustainable, and climate resilient strategy.

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The drive to improve performance, energy efficiency, environmental standards and safety are ever present. Constraints over costs and timings add to the challenge. Find out how we can support with the challenges you are facing.

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