Liquid bulk and chemical terminals

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Liquid Bulk and Chemical Terminals
Liquid bulk terminals are essential for global supply chains - getting commodities like oil, gas, chemicals, renewable energy carriers, and edible products to where customers need to use them. As the fuels people use become more renewable and sustainable, liquid bulk terminals will play a vital role in transporting this energy of the future. 


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Designing new facilities and upgrading existing liquid bulk terminals is complex. 

Regulations need to be adhered to, every part of the massive infrastructure need to be safe to operate and able to withstand the elements, and local ecosystems and local communities are to be considered as part of the day to day operations of these facilities. 

As global leaders in the design and optimisation of maritime facilities, we provide high-value design, that works within the environmental constraints and physical environment across the project life cycle. We support you to developing a low risk, long-life and high reliability facility.

We’ve delivered reliable and durable engineering solutions to hundreds of projects over the last decades - and across the globe in some of the most challenging physical environments. 

We understand that the success of your project is determined by effective designs of the marine facilities, resulting in optimum CapEx, high terminal operability and  efficient OpEx efforts. Our multi-disciplinary teams are on hand to help deliver durable, safe cargo transfer facilities, with low operational, safety and environmental risks. 

Our global team is ready to support you with the concept and detailed structural, geotechnical and metocean design studies, and we offer a broad experience in environmental impact assessments, technical safety studies, and supply chain and market analyses. 

Our Green Port experts will help you to evaluate sustainable opportunities for your existing and future assets. And our life operated SMART port software is developed to increase your day to day operability.

We can support projects across their full lifecycle, from market research and feasibility - via masterplanning and concept design - to construction, operation, and ongoing optimisation or expansion. 

Whether you need a marine oil terminal consultant, a gas terminal consultant, or a bulk liquid storage terminal consultant, we’re here.

Liquid Bulk Chemical Terminals life cycle

Your liquid bulk terminal consultant for the future

As the need for sustainable energy solutions grows around the world, liquids terminals will play an increasingly important role in the renewable energy supply chain. As the industry evolves so too will the infrastructure needs. Some key industry developments include:


With many colours and vectors,  hydrogen is developing as a means of energy transfer and storage – the transportation of hydrogen through carriers, such as ammonia,  methanol,  -(cryogenic) liquefied or compressed hydrogen (LH₂) or liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) is rapidly developing. This ‘zero-carbon’ energy carrier can then be stored and transported by ships and through ports. And as your hydrogen terminal consultant, we can help you capitalise on this market.


The international trade of biofuels has increased in recent years, as countries seek to meet their renewable energy targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Carbon capture and storage

Unavoidably, ports of the future will continue transporting carbons. The market for shipping liquefied CO₂ is relatively small compared to other commodities, but it is growing as more industries seek to capture and use their CO₂ emissions.

We have developed a significant portfolio of renewable energy projects, supporting our clients with their definition of a sustainable license to operate for the future. This is just a small amount of change affecting the industry, facing the changing requirements, we can help you deliver the terminal of future.

Setting the standards

Working as acknowledged experts in their profession, we share our knowledge and experience for the benefit of the industry and our clients.

We participate in national and global technical committees including PIANC WG 153 for design and assessment of marine terminals, ISO standards on liquid hydrogen transfer systems, and EN standards on renewable energy bunkering. We are committed to the development and deployment of best practices for the benefit of our clients.

Our technical expertise is underpinned by our cutting-edge technology. You can benefit from smart solutions like digital twins (, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and parametric design, liquid bulk terminal simulation (WITNESS), and more, to develop your terminal fully in line with the latest industry innovations.

Our marine oil, gas, petrochemical, and hydrogen terminal capabilities

Whether you need a new terminal or to upgrade an existing one with smart tooling and carbon efficiency improvements – we can help.

We offer solutions for terminal facilities of any kind, whether that’s structures, navigation, mooring and berthing, offshore floating facilities, dredging, permitting support geotechnical including seismic breakwaters, revetments, marine cooling water intakes and outfalls, or subsea pipelines.

You can benefit from our services in:

  • Engineering Design (PreFEED, FEED & EPC)
  • Master planning, Functional Requirements, Basis of Design and Design Phases
  • Risk and Hazard Analysis
  • Transaction advice
  • Supply chain support
  • Decision-making support
  • Site location studies
  • Terminal development plans and feasibility studies
  • Shipping and navigation studies
  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Dynamic mooring analysis
  • Technical appraisal/review
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