Code of Business Principles

Royal HaskoningDHV is a global company that operates in a variety of cultural, social and business contexts. We act ethically and with transparency in our business dealings, respecting the customs and laws of our working environments. Our commitment to decent behaviour and integrity is an integral part of our culture, rooted in our vision, mission and core values. This is communicated through our Global Code of Business Principles which, together with our Integrity Management System and Compliance Program, defines and assures our code of conduct.


Independence is an important aspect of who we are. Clients count on us for independent opinions. Being non-stock listed gives more control over our own destiny and room for a longer term perspective.

Ethic Intelligence Certificate

Royal HaskoningDHV was awarded an extension of its Anti-corruption Compliance System Certificate. It means that the company continues to work under this prestigious 'best practice' certificate that is managed by ETHIC Intelligence. Royal HaskoningDHV was the first engineering consultancy that participated in this demanding programme. This certificate attests that the design and implementation of the compliance program is appropriate to Royal HaskoningDHV specific corruption risks and corresponds to international best practices.

SpeakUp line / Whistleblower

Our reputation as an honest, fair and respectful company is crucial to our success. Our business development can only be assured by individuals like you, who place personal integrity high on their list of priorities. Only with your help can we protect our values and build a successful cooperation with you. Please, speak up if you know of or suspect any unethical behavior from our side or mail us on [email protected]. We will listen and act to correct the situations you bring to light.