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Port, terminal and shipyard owners and operators – both governments and private companies – face a challenging time. Demands for sustainability, the effects of climate change, economic instability, and financial pressures make the future uncertain. As the world’s leading maritime consultants, we’re here to help.

Maritime consultancy: prepare to thrive in a changing world

It’s our goal to enhance ports, terminals, and shipyards through innovation and sustainable development. That means futureproofing sites with smart solutions that protect people and environments as sea levels rise and climate impacts grow. Ensuring efficiency to help facilities grow and thrive. And designing and creating the smart maritime environments of tomorrow, today.

We’ll use our 140 years of global experience to optimise your unique site. From business consultancy and masterplanning to design and engineering, to construction and operations consultancy, we deliver end-to-end support, making a positive impact on performance, sustainability and society as a whole. 

Create a long-term sustainability and resilience plan for your maritime facility strategy

Maritime challenges

To create future-proof maritime facilities that will continue to thrive for decades to come, you need a combined digital, sustainable, and climate resilient strategy.

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Our offerings

Discover why we’re the first port of call for:

  • Creating a future-proof facility strategy
  • Developing sustainable infrastructures
  • Creating resilient and efficient operations
  • Transforming asset management


Sectors we support

We are global maritime consultants specialised in the planning and design of marine facilities, ports and terminals, and shipyards. 

We deliver maritime expertise in the following sectors.

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