2018 Annual Report: Connecting intelligence to grow and create a sustainable future

I am pleased to present our 2018 Annual Report bringing details of solid results delivered against continued investment in strategic transformations to strengthen our domain knowledge and data-driven expertise.

As concern mounts over accelerating impact of climate change, scarcity of resources and the urgent need for energy transition, organisations are increasingly seeking holistic solutions that go beyond individual, stand-alone gestures. Our multi-disciplinary expertise and long-established commitment to Enhance Society Together make our business relevant and focused as we deliver distinctive new services and solutions to meet these challenging demands.

In the Annual Report, we share our progress on how we are becoming more and more successful in connecting the digital with the physical world. It describes how, together with our clients, we work on innovations in which we integrate digital and data driven applications, such as BlueLabel®: a powerful tool providing incredible detail about flood risk. The report includes highlights of ground-breaking projects realised during the year, including the opening of the world’s longest sea bridge and tunnel combination.

Read on to discover more about our activities, achievements and drive to make incredible solutions a reality.

Erik Oostwegel
CEO Royal HaskoningDHV


Download our full Annual Report 2018

Our Annual Report highlights some of the inspirational projects our talented colleagues have delivered across the globe during 2018. It describes how our investments in growth, innovation and digital ways of working are delivering real impact for our clients and stakeholders. It reports on our financial performance as we drive forward our strategy, Strong22. Download the full report to follow the progress our company made during 2018 pursuing our collective ambition to enhance society together.


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Download our key figures 2018

The Key Figures from our Annual Report 2018 are summarised and presented in an easy-to-read graphic format. The document includes a snapshot of the important numbers relating to Royal HaskoningDHV in 2018. It includes our headline financial results, turnover by region, client group and market, safety record and staff statistics, as well as the carbon footprint per employee. To download our Key Figures 2018, click on the link below.


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RSB update & GRI Table

Our Responsible & Sustainable Business (RSB) update is presented in our GRI Table, Annual Report and RSB update. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) provides a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework widely used across the world to communicate transparently on the impact of business on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, corruption and many others. To download our RSB update 2018 or GRI table 2018, click on the links below.


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