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Meeting demands in food & beverage

The demands facing the food and beverage manufacturing industry and the food and beverage supply chain are intensifying. Technology, sustainability and uncertainty are disrupting longstanding practices. Centralised operations offering maximum efficiency for large-scale production are less suited to markets where consumers expect choice, speed and home delivery. At the same time, the imperatives of sustainability and environmental liability demand significant adjustments in food and beverage manufacturing industry and supply chains. There is an urgent need for new, flexible, dynamic and resilient solutions.  

Digital technologies, Industry 4.0 and automation provide some of the answers for FMCG manufacturers, as can smaller-scale, agile and flexible facilities located closer to customers. Draw on the in-depth knowledge, technological insight and industry experience of our multidisciplinary teams. FMCG food and beverage companies of every size benefit from our end-to-end engineering consultancy, design and EPCM services. 

We are also helping innovative food tech start-ups make the transition from R&D to efficient production at scale. Sustainability, logistics, transparent supply chains, innovation, automation and future thinking are all part of our agenda. Make sure they are part of yours by partnering with our food and beverage team, including our food processing consultants.

End-to-end services tailored to you
Benefit from services which range from business case consultancy, financial modelling, plant and process optimisation to design, engineering, procurement and construction management services (EPCM). Expect local insight and global standards wherever you are with our global competence centres and network of international offices.  
Make better decisions with our digital services
Our digital representation tools such as parametric design, predictive simulation and digital twins help you make fact-based decisions and remove risk from your planning.  
Trust us to lead the way on sustainable solutions
Let us assist you to meet your sustainability ambitions on water, energy, waste, circularity and CO2 reduction – or create a net zero factory.  
White paper

Achieving excellence in manufacturing & supply chain operations

Changes in demand patterns are driving major transformations in global manufacturing industries and supply chains. At the same time, sustainable manufacturing and decarbonisation require urgent focus. The white paper elaborates on new solutions that are helping manufacturers manage risk, remain competitive and future proof their investments to stay relevant in manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Food tech innovation: six questions behind successful scale-upArticle

Food tech innovation: six questions behind successful scale up

This article elaborates on key areas such as: How to successfully make the transition from R&D into feasible and financially viable industrial-scale production - and even international expansion. And which 6 questions do companies need to address as they look to scale up in the food tech sector.

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