Drive value and build business resilience with Digital Twins

Using our digital twin solutions, organisations implement meaningful and valuable change.

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Digital twins – a future-proof way to enhance resilience, sustainability, efficiency and competitive advantage

Digital twins are dynamic virtual representations of your physical assets, processes or systems. They allow you to better understand – and better interact with – our increasingly complex, fast-paced and data-driven world.

Our digital twin offering provides support across the strategy, investment and lifecycle, helping you:

  • Make the right long-term decisions – like determining where to build assets and supply chains to ensure they’re resilient and value generative
  • Drive CapEx and OpEx decision-making – so you develop assets and processes that align with business and customer requirements and leverage opportunities to digitalise and automate
  • Unlock key operational insights – so you better understand day-to-day requirements and can monitor and automate control of assets and processes

How we help

Realise your digital transformation aspirations
Our digital twin solutions help you create valuable roadmaps and overcome digitalisation blockers – supporting you from strategy to execution.
De-risk investment and continuous improvement decisions
Be confident you’re deploying the right solutions at the right time – and that your investments will deliver the expected return.
Solve ongoing (and expensive) operational problems
We help you streamline processes – identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, reducing downtime, enhancing monitoring capabilities and enabling automation.

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How to drive value from digital twins: New whitepaper

Unsure how to deploy and make the most of digital twins? Then check out this whitepaper. It gives a practical overview of:

  • The 3 most common starting points for digital twins
  • How to overcome challenges to implementation
  • The best ways to engage stakeholders in the implementation process
  • How to maximise value from implementing digital twins

Read our digital twin whitepaper

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Simplifying Complexity whitepaper

What you can do with Twinn


The reality of your operations, processes, infrastructure, asset performance and climate risk exposure, answering questions like:

  • How are our assets performing right now?
  • What are our actual supply chain risks – and how can we mitigate them?
  • What are the financial and operational costs associated with our environmental strategies?
  • What lead time can we offer a prospective customer?


Future requirements and issues, so you can respond to changing demands and disruptions. Digital twins help you address issues like:

  • What would be the impact of a major weather event or natural disaster on our processes?
  • How will the supply chain ecosystem perform for different facility expansion options?
  • Will installing new equipment/adjusting a process in a certain way deliver the speed and productivity we need?


Unnecessary delays, costs, losses, risks and safety issues by finding answers to questions including:

  • What maintenance schedules will minimise downtime?
  • How can we stay ahead of volatility caused by fluctuating market conditions?
  • How do we mitigate climate risks to our assets?
  • What operational improvements will prevent accidents?


Performance by making evidence-based decisions and leveraging automation, solving problems like:

  • How can we optimise our processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste?
  • How should we sequence decisions within CapEx and continuous improvement projects to maximise ROI and minimise risk?
  • How can we use advanced analytics to minimise carbon footprint and operational costs?
  • How and what can we automate to maximise effciency?

How do you implement a digital twin?

That’s one of the first questions our customers ask. Digital twins come in many different shapes and sizes – from assets and systems to diagnostic and predictive analytics. This video gives key pointers on framing your approach to implementing a digital twin.

Our digital twin solutions


Experiment with ‘what-if’ scenarios and validate business decisions in a risk-free environment using our predictive simulation software.

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Smart Mooring

Create a safer, smarter and more efficient port with a digital twin of the ship-shore interface. Our predictive decision support solution uses real-time data and metocean forecasts to enhance vessel mooring

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Climate Intelligence App

Get actionable hazard insights for your physical assets worldwide. Discover current and future climate risks, including those affecting your suppliers and customers.

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Our smart water technology monitors, analyses, visualises and controls the performance of (waste)water infrastructure through predictive analytics and AI.

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Ben Lomax Thorpe - Leading professional Digital Twin

Ben LomaxThorpe

Leading professional Digital Twin