Green ports

Building port resilience towards a sustainable future
Green ports

In ports around the world, pressure is rising to ‘go green’ – whether that is transitioning to Net Zero Carbon and reducing emissions or in meeting the demands of the public and industry bodies alike in operating more efficiently and with greater sustainability.

This pressure has only increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, bringing a number of issues within the industry to the fore – and showing us how vital it is to build resilience into everything we do.

Over the next 30 years, the maritime industry – and in particular ports and shipping – will increasingly need to respond to international requirements to become more sustainable in their operations. Meeting these obligations whilst emerging from an economic downturn presents a significant challenge for the sector. Having smart and green solutions at the heart of port operations offers the opportunity to meet this challenge whilst delivering business continuity and economic efficiencies.

Green port solutions

Our experience is particularly related to six main areas, which are linked to many of the key areas of challenge experienced by clients seeking to become smarter, greener ports.

Local knowledge with global influence

The blending of our technical and financial expertise is matched by our: knowledge of local contexts; on-the-ground understanding of a ports’ needs; as well as our global resources and experience in international policy development and implementation.

Our approach to projects also aligns with the move towards digital innovations and solutions that are being pursued by many industry and international bodies such as the United Nations, to ensure our clients have ports that are ready not just for the challenges of today, but also for those to come in the next decade and beyond.

Read how we have put our green port approach into action.

Smart ports

Using innovative technology to streamline port operations.

Overview of a port handling dock
Claartje Hoyng - Associate Director Maritime Netherlands


Associate Director Maritime Netherlands