Nature-based solutions

Rapidly evolving challenges such as climate change and increased flood risk require innovative approaches and solutions. Our focus is on those that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and use the power of nature to provide the greatest benefit to society as a whole.
nature-based solutions to tackle climate change

At Royal HaskoningDHV, working with and alongside nature to augment and improve natural systems is an integral part of our mission to enhance society together.

We’ve spent years planning and designing nature-based solutions to help reduce carbon impacts, boost climate resilience, and make the world a safer and more sustainable place. And we’re always looking for opportunities to help our clients do the same.

By incorporating natural processes into design and construction, we’ve been able to improve coastal safety, water quality, and the standard of life in urban and coastal areas worldwide.

Supported by a deep understanding of natural environments, our holistic, nature-based approach allows us to create enduring solutions to modern challenges. Solutions that are sustainable and cost-effective, and improve the livelihoods of people, the quality of places, and the biodiversity of our planet.

Leverage the power of nature to protect and improve what matters with

Proven experience
With over 140 years of engineering experience, we’re no strangers to innovative problem solving. Our exploration of nature-based methods has seen us design and execute numerous projects that are considered the industry benchmarks for successful green solutions.
Bespoke solutions
Our experts use the latest digital tools, data-driven insights, and an in-depth knowledge of natural processes to create bespoke, best-fit solutions for every challenge and environment.
A complete, systems-thinking approach
Our environmental knowledge and understanding of biotic and abiotic systems help us to enhance natural environments without depleting resources, resulting in long-term improvements and benefits to both for the physical environment and the people within it.
Connected industry experts
Close cooperation with knowledge institutes and other leading organisations means we’re always on the cutting edge of innovation, exploring new techniques and possibilities as they emerge – and pioneering our own.

Nature-based solutions enhance

  • Coastal resilience
    We provide a range of solutions, including sandy solutions, saltmarshes, mangroves, and coral reefs, to safeguard coastal areas. These are often combined with structural measures but combined in such a way that the natural systems can flourish.
  • Urban resilience
    By protecting structural and environmental assets and enhancing living conditions, economic opportunities, and overall environments, we help improve the quality of life in cities.
  • Flood resilience
    Our comprehensive approach to reducing river overflows and urban flooding includes scoping studies, environmental impact assessments, design and engineering, procurement, and supervision.
  • Biodiversity
    We restore and develop ecosystems, creating habitats that benefit both humans and wildlife, and provide opportunities for enjoyment.
  • Water quality
    Through a variety of natural and biological processes, we enhance water quality, sustain ecosystems, and support natural habitats.
Want to know more or got a question? - Contact our Climate Resilience experts!

Want to know moreor got a question?

Contact our Climate Resilience experts!