FLASH flood forecast and warning service

FLASH is an easy-to-use flood forecasting service for all levels of government, emergency responders, and private entities. It allows you to monitor, forecast and alert flooding to enable communities to become flood resilient, protect assets and save lives.
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Flooded motorway in Australia

Fast, accurate, and reliable service for your catchment

Urbanisation and climate change are combining to increase the number of people, assets, communities, and businesses at risk from catastrophic flash floods. To build resilience, governments and private organisations need faster, more accurate early warning systems that provide a greater lead time before an extreme flooding event.

That's why we developed FLASH. It’s a cloud-based tool that lets you access real-time flood information from anywhere and alert others of potential danger up to 12 hours in advance. 

Proven in Australia’s Hunter Valley and the Parramatta River catchment,  FLASH gives you reliable results in minutes when other models take hours. As a result, you have more time to take effective action and make informed decisions when it comes to orders to evacuate and road closures.

And because it is available on a simple subscription basis, using existing models and delivered through the cloud, you can implement FLASH quickly and effectively.


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Discover the benefits of FLASH

Accurate flood warnings in minutes
Rapid hydrodynamic modelling can turn rainfall predictions into street-level flood warnings within minutes, giving you more time to act.
Sophisticated modelling with reliable data
FLASH combines real-time rainfall data from government sources with sophisticated weather prediction algorithms and modelling to give unparalleled forecast reliability.
Access from any device, anywhere
Thanks to its cloud-based delivery, FLASH lets you access flood information and send alerts from anywhere you have internet access.
Simple annual subscription
Get started with FLASH quickly and easily, transforming your existing models into a serviceable FLASH flood warning system.
API connection to your own systems
All data is stored on the cloud using Lizard and is fully accessible through APIs and a web portal – so you can easily connect it to your own GeoPlatform or business intelligence tools.

User-friendly dashboard

FLASH provides a user-friendly dashboard which presents the data in a clear and visual way. For system administrators, FLASH provides an intuitive interface.

FLASH: service levels & features

Flash Flood tool - screen basic


FLASH Rainfall: Live rainfall forecasts, catchment accumulation, and tailored warning service

Warning service: Email and SMS based on rainfall forecast (up to 15 individually tailored messages)

Flash Flood tool - screen plus


FLASH Monitoring: Basic service plus additional water level and rainfall gauges from up to three different data providers, all made available within the FLASH dashboard

Warning services: Basic service plus email and SMS based on triggers for water level gauges (up to 20 individually tailored warning messages)

Flash Flood tool - screen premium


FLASH Flood Forecasting: Plus service and advanced flood forecasting with operational flood morel prediction based on real-time operational modelling with TUFLOW or 3DI

Warning services: Plus service, and email and SMS based on triggers for model predictions (up to 20 individually tailored warning messages)

What makes FLASH unique?

Accurate flood warnings begin with reliable rainfall and water level data. FLASH uses real-time data from official sources including Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, as well as radar-based forecasting and a numerical weather prediction algorithm, to apply a sophisticated climate model.

The data feeds a rapid, 2D hydrodynamic flood model such as TUFLOW, producing extremely fast flood forecast results, which can be used to create flood maps with accurate flood depths within minutes after intense rainfall is forecast.

FLASH has a user-friendly dashboard that includes rainfall and water level gauges, with interactive real-time and predicted flood maps. Through the portal you can select locations that trigger a notification when a predefined water level is exceeded and create a customised warning for parts of the catchment.

Lizard, its integrated cloud-based system, lets you use the data however suites you best. You can use its APIs to connect business information or GIS tools. And being cloud-based software, the dashboard is accessible from anywhere.

Want to know more or got a question? - Contact our Climate Resilience experts!

Want to know moreor got a question?

Contact our Climate Resilience experts!