Early warning systems

Forecast and monitor extreme weather events and gain the lead-time needed to improve resilience, protect assets, and save lives.
flash flooding

Climate change and increased urbanisation are combining to present a greater risk of flooding worldwide – which means imminent danger to people, communities, properties, and assets. It’s a threat society can’t avoid. But it is one you can prepare for.

To manage the challenge today, and be ready for those of tomorrow, governments, private entities, and emergency responders need access to fast and accurate early warning systems. It’s what will allow them to enact emergency measures and alert people to danger in a timely and organised way.

Our approach to adaptive measures for climate change

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we work with organisations all over the world to provide bespoke, multi-hazard insights into where floods and extreme weather events will strike – and what their impacts are likely to be.

Our technology-agnostic approach incorporates a range of industry-leading tools – including the Impact Based Forecasting platform developed by Red Cross, Delft-FEWS, and our very own FLASH flood forecasting and warning system – to help you protect your people, proactively respond to danger, and allocate resources more efficiently.

With near real-time data, detailed mapping of impact areas, and automated alerts triggered by advanced algorithms, our bespoke solutions are already keeping communities safe in Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa.

A future of protection for everyone

Going forward, we’re committed to optimising our team and forging strategic partnerships that actively contribute towards the achievement of the United Nations Action Plan. Specifically, we are dedicated to the goal of establishing comprehensive early warning systems that can benefit all individuals and communities around the world.

By leveraging our global expertise, resources, and collaborative spirit, we aim to create innovative solutions that enhance early warning capabilities for various natural and man-made disasters. Our collective efforts will empower individuals and communities with the timely information and resources needed to mitigate risks, save lives, and build resilience.

Through these partnerships and a shared commitment to the UN goals, we envision a world where early warning systems are accessible to everyone, ensuring the safety and well-being of communities worldwide.

Together, we can make a significant impact on global preparedness and response efforts, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

Predict the unpredictable

Keep people and communities safe with rapid response

Gain the lead time needed to keep people safe from extreme weather events. With a custom early warning system, you can turn rainfall predictions into street-level flood warnings within minutes and issue automated alerts to keep people safe from danger.

Gain unparalleled insight

Remove the element of surprise and know exactly what the weather means for you. By combining multiple, real-time data sources with sophisticated weather prediction algorithms and modelling you can gain the most accurate forecasts – accessible from any device and any location.

Optimally allocate resources

Use advanced warnings and real-time data to make strategic resource allocation decisions and dynamically manage things like traffic flows, emergency response, and controlled water levels based on up-to-date developments. We work with leading disaster management organisations worldwide to establish the link between technology and communities.

Simplify everything

Get a bespoke, purpose-built tool that works with your existing solutions and incorporates only the programs you want to use. We can help you provide a single, simple solution to everyone — from local government to emergency responders – so your entire region stays on the same page.

FLASH has been a valuable emergency response tool which we’ve relied on during recent flooding events. Not only did it assist the HVFMS team in its proactive incident management, but it was also used to assist first responders and local government authorities in emergencies.

Adrian MilneDPE Senior Project Officer

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Want to know more or got a question? - Contact our Climate Resilience experts!

Want to know moreor got a question?

Contact our Climate Resilience experts!