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Solutions and consultancy that help you reduce risk, ensuring compliance, and better respond to the impacts of climate change while protecting your assets and people in the long term.
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Modern urban wastewater treatment plant

Water technology for wastewater treatment

When you’re responsible for treating urban wastewater, there’s little margin for error. And that margin gets thinner each year as wastewater treatment plants (WwTPs) deal with increasingly stringent regulations, more complex influent makeups, and the escalating impacts of climate change.

And that’s even before legacy infrastructure, talent shortage combined with an ageing workforce, and reduced levels of funding start stretching already limited resources to a breaking point.

To mitigate the growing risks and effectively respond to changing influent compositions and regulations, wastewater utilities need the right strategy and masterplan in place, forward-thinking, proven treatment solutions, and a way to streamline and automate key operations. Royal HaskoningDHV is the right partner to help streamline these processes, and to oversee and ensure implementation.

Your partner for every stage of your water processes

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we help wastewater utilities worldwide develop their holistic wastewater strategy, innovation driven solutions, and streamline operations to minimise costs, reduce emissions, and decrease energy consumption.

With over 140 years of experience in water consultancy, design and engineering, we have the domain and digital expertise to help you design, develop, and deploy proven strategies and unique solutions to your most pressing challenges. 

Solidify your strategy

From masterplans and digital transformation strategy to chemical optimisation and asset management, setting the right strategy isn’t easy.

With our strategic guidance, you can get the support you need to:

  • Mitigate the impacts of an ageing workforce and talent shortage
  • Meet changing regulations and new sustainability directives
  • Make the most of markets for water reuse / water recycling
  • Process more wastewater in less physical space
  • Update legacy systems and assets
  • Mitigate the risks of climate change and respond to increasingly severe weather events

Implement water solutions

The right processes, technologies, and techniques can unlock new ways to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and energy consumption, and simplify compliance.

With our solution support, you can:

  • Update, repair and replace ageing infrastructure
  • Increase capacity without expanding your site
  • Remove emerging contaminants such as micropollutants and PFAS
  • Manage new waste streams efficiently
  • Improve data management and security
  • Cut direct emissions across your treatment plant

Optimize your water operations

As talented engineers retire or leave the industry, many plants face a skills gap that puts compliance and efficiency at risk. We can help you overcome these challenges and find newer, more effective ways to operate.

With our operational support, you can:

  • Achieve more with fewer staff
  • Simplify compliance with current and future regulations
  • Reduce chemical and energy consumption
  • Effectively dispose of sludge while recovering biosolids
  • Better manage outsourcing to contractors and third parties
  • Respond to emerging contaminants including PFAS and medicines
Got a question?  - Contact our Water Technology experts!

Got a question?

Contact our Water Technology experts!

How we support wastewater treatment plants

Meet shifting regulations and sustainability demands
Use less energy, reduce emissions, and more easily comply with sustainability directives and upcoming regulations.
Tackle changing water composition head on
Find the solutions you need to process more wastewater – and tackle micropollutants and other emerging contaminants – while making the most of available space.
Recover resources and improve water reuse / recycling
Get the solutions and expertise you need to recover valuable resources and contribute to a sustainable circular water economy.
Digitalise and automate key processes
Boost efficiency, monitor asset performance, and reduce the admin burden on teams by digitalising your operations.

Our water technology services for wastewater

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Would you like to stay up to date on the latest news, developments and trends from Royal HaskoningDHV on Water technology?