Industrial water

At industrial sites, water is essential for operations. That means using water responsibly is crucial. Any mistakes can incur costs, putting your reputation at risk, or even bringing operations to a standstill – putting your license to operate at risk.
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Industrial water treatment in a site

But times are changing. Across most businesses, sustainability ambitions are on the rise. And government regulations are tightening, supply chain disruptions and price fluctuations continue, and skills gaps grow as expert engineers retire.

The latest techniques, solutions and in-depth market expertise can help industrial sites transform their water treatment processes. But prioritising investments, designing, implementing, and optimising solutions present complex challenges with no easy answers.

Your industrial water technology partner

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we help industrial clients take a holistic approach to their processes. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we bring in-depth market knowledge to streamline operations and find and implement solutions to specific challenges.

With over 140 years of water engineering heritage, and more than 70 water technology process engineers on staff, we’re an experienced partner that can call on domain and technology expertise to help you overcome strategic and operational obstacles – and make the most of new technologies and assets.

Support at every stage of the water technology lifecycle

Royal HaskoningDHV helps industrial clients worldwide solve their most pressing challenges. We have clients across all sectors, including Food & Beverage, Petro-Chemical, Datacentres and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.

Solidify your corporate water strategy

From target setting, masterplans, and investment prioritisation, to permitting, water stewardship, and R&D, there are a lot of long-term priorities to manage.

With our strategic guidance, you can:

  • Secure business continuity
  • Ensure compliance
  • Respond to financial pressures
  • Reach long-term sustainability goals
  • Prioritise investment 
  • Reduce climate and operational risks

Implement water solutions

New processes, technologies, and techniques can transform your approach to wastewater treatment, quality monitoring, compliance, and equipment maintenance. But only if you find the right tools, and deploy them in the right way.

With our support, you can:

  • Develop business cases and prioritise funding
  • Select the right solutions for your plant
  • Do more with less people, and overcome skill gaps across your teams
  • Reduce costs and energy consumption
  • Minimise the risk of rework and business disruption

Optimise water operations

Between ever-changing water composition, stringent discharge limits, water scarcity, growing OPEX, and an aging workforce, many industrial sites face significant operational challenges. And as you make changes to your primary processes, these can have a massive effect on your water system requirements too. We can help you overcome these challenges and find more efficient, stable ways to operate.

With our operational support, you can:

  • Improve visibility across your assets
  • Troubleshoot performance issues and extend asset life
  • Enhance data management and reporting
  • Decrease chemical and energy consumption
  • Automate operations through Twinn Aqua Suite
Got a question?  - Contact our Water Technology experts!

Got a question?

Contact our Water Technology experts!

How we support industrial water sites

Tailored solutions
From water sources, site environment, and stakeholders, to primary production processes and water demands, every industrial site is different. We offer a suite of services, products, and digital tools to support water-related processes across all sites.
Sustainability made simpler
Meet growing regulatory pressures and public demand for sustainability with solutions and strategies that use less energy, reduce emissions, promote water reuse/recycling, and manage water systems responsibly.
From strategy to ongoing operational success
By excelling at all stages of the water management cycle, you can set the right global strategies and turn them into concrete actions at the individual site level.
Compliance and permitting without the stress
Get a clear idea of what permits you need, how to get them, and how to maintain compliance with future regulations across all your operations.

Our services

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Water stewardship assessments
  • Masterplanning and feasibility studies
  • Water-scan: water balance analysis
  • Water system selection
  • Emerging contaminant removal services (including micropollutants, PFAS)
  • Wastewater treatment technologies
  • Operational support, including: troubleshooting, performance optimisation
  • Circular water services
  • Design and tender support of water technology solutions & EPCM
  • Digital twin consultancy
  • Twinn Aqua Suite software

Delivering excellence in manufacturing & supply chain operations

Changes in demand patterns are driving major transformations in global manufacturing industries and supply chains. Addressing decarbonisation and sustainable manufacturing is just one of the urgent focus areas. Rapidly changing market dynamics and operational environments are driving demand for faster adaptation via new product lines and variations, with a simultaneous focus on lean production and minimising costs.

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Stay up-to-date

Would you like to stay up to date on the latest news, developments and trends from Royal HaskoningDHV on Water technology?