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Valuable Digital Twins iReportValuable Digital Twins iReport

New and unprecedented challenges, such as climate change, ageing workforces, and increasing process and data complexity, are faced by society and organisations alike. By creating innovative digital twin solutions with our clients at Royal HaskoningDHV, we help solve these challenges and Enhance Society Together.

Our digital twin consultancy team is dedicated to providing independent advice to clients as partners in implementing valuable digital twin solutions.

Our pragmatic approach helps you to address your “Why?”, “What?” and “How?” questions based on proven methodologies and standards.

Valuable Digital Twins


Along the lifecycle of an asset, process, or system, there are many ways in which digital twins can provide value or even where they are crucial to succeed. The added value of digital twins can begin during the design, engineering and construction phases and accumulate during the operational stage to enable optimisation via decision support and advanced control.

Identifying use cases and defining their business case is often a challenge. Still emphasising stakeholder engagement, our approach to digital twinning ensures the clarity of value, buy-in, and confidence needed to realise valuable digital twins. 


With many vendors taking advantage of the market hype for digital twins, they have become difficult to navigate. Our extensive research, combined with our experience and practice, will accelerate your journey to demystify the topic.

We have developed a comprehensive definition for digital twins and use that as a starting point for our vision. Additionally, we have an experience-based understanding of the underlying concepts and required information landscape that enables digital twins. Standards play an essential role in using and sharing this understanding, which also applies to how digital twins can be characterised based on their application.


Our approach supports proactive stakeholder engagement to educate about the possibilities and ensure involvement in the digital twin journey. These activities include business transformation planning (based on the proven Novius framework for Business Transformation Planning) to deliver a structured and sustainable roadmap. We bring an extensive catalogue of use cases from many disciplines to support rapid identification and business case justification of value opportunities.

Regarding digital twin solutions, we use enterprise architecture (based on the proven Novius Architecture Framework standard), OT–IT integration (based on international standards) and maturity models that guide drafting a digital twin implementation roadmap. If you get this right, technology is the easy bit.

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Hans Tönissen - Digital Twin consultant / Business & IT architect


Digital Twin consultant / Business & IT architect

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