Staying ahead in manufacturing industry and supply chain operations

Changes in demand patterns are driving major transformations in global manufacturing industries and supply chains. Addressing decarbonisation and sustainable manufacturing is just one of the urgent focus areas.

Market dynamics and operational environments are changing quickly. This is increasing the need to adapt faster, with new product lines and variations. At the same time, there is a focus on lean production and reducing costs.

Digital manufacturing and automation have a significant part to play. They offer new production methods to help manufacturers stay competitive in changing markets. This will ensure their success in the future. Furthermore, with global supply chain disruptions a constant threat, manufacturers need to be able to rapidly respond and manage these risks.

Our team of experts understands the challenges you face. We are committed to helping you keep up with the constantly changing environment. We can help you craft strategies to stay ahead of the competition. This will ensure you remain relevant and gain competitive advantage.

We provide solutions that will help you to effectively manage your manufacturing projects. This will ensure you get value from your investments.

We are here to help you. We can scope and implement new innovations in plants, industrial processes, and distribution centres. Additionally, we can provide specialised services to optimise your manufacturing supply chain.

Sustainability as integral part of your project

By ensuring sustainability is an integral part of every project, we will build a better future together. Stay ahead with our extensive expertise and cross-sector insights. Our strategic thinking can help you find the answers that will unlock a positive future.

Each industry faces its own unique barriers and nuances. Royal HaskoningDHV brings together integrated design and project management services that are tailored to your market dynamics. Our sustainable solutions will transform your manufacturing operations, optimise your supply chain and deliver future-proof investments.

EPCM projects

Engineering, procurement, and construction management projects (EPCM) have been successfully completed around the world. This has honed our skills in quickening timelines, streamlining processes, modularising designs and automating labor-intensive tasks.We have gained invaluable experience from these projects. This has enabled us to manage your manufacturing projects more efficiently, regardless of their size or kind.

White paper

Achieving excellence in manufacturing & supply chain operations

Changes in demand patterns are driving major transformations in global manufacturing industries and supply chains. At the same time, sustainable manufacturing and decarbonisation require urgent focus. The white paper elaborates on new solutions that are helping manufacturers manage risk, remain competitive and future proof their investments to stay relevant in manufacturing and supply chain operations.


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    Global Business Development & Associate Director