Acoustics & building physics

Whether it is about existing buildings or new buildings, the challenges of acoustics and building physics are often quite complex. How do you create a health, safe and sustainable working and living environment?
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The playing field of acoustics and building physics

Our experts help design comfortable working or living environments. Creating the optimum design that meets the organisation’s requirements involves finding the right balance between a healthy living environment, use of materials and energy consumption. Together, these three aspects form the field of tension of acoustics and building physics. For example, the choice of materials will determine the indoor climate, but it is also important to consider sustainability when choosing those materials.
Innovative solutions create a healthy and comfortable environment, by finding the optimal balance between wellbeing, materials and energy usage

Use of the right expertise and tools

Acoustics and building physics will form an important basis for your project. They have a major influence on the health and safety of the users of a building, for example. Every project is unique and therefore requires the right approach to fit the client’s ambitions. To realise your ambitions, we translate them into technical principles and design solutions using various tools relating to acoustics, daylight, thermal comfort, air quality, energy, and materials science, for example. With our expertise and tools, we can guarantee to provide the best advice for any situation, however complex it may be.

In our smart tools, we use intelligent calculation methods to solve complex problems.

For instance, we have created the office acoustics roadmap, comfort radar, sunlight tool and low temp calculator among other things. These not only enable us to speed up the process but also offer the best solution based on the client’s desires and requirements. And we also provide a better and attractive environment for the end user.
Vivian Timmermans Associate Director and acoustics & building physics consultant
Vivian Timmermans

Acoustics and building physics consulting that puts the user first

We list the needs of the building users and owner for each project and translate them into a corresponding ambition, in accordance with laws and legislation, of course. We then translate that ambition into technical principles relating to acoustics, daylight, air quality and thermal comfort. Our consultants help clients develop a comfortable working or living environment which is known to be beneficial for people’s performance. So we can enhance their experience of learning and working as well as their well-being.

Lower costs thanks to early collaboration

A lot of projects have a high level of ambition, a limited construction budget and a short lead time. Collaboration during projects is essential for managing these difficult challenges. We like to be involved in a design project right from the start when choices have the biggest impact on both costs and quality. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, we explore not only acoustics and building physics but also the possibilities regarding engineering and MEP as well as construction and fire safety. So, based on our broad expertise, we provide comprehensive and optimal advice to ensure well-founded decisions. Timely choices and an integrated approach will enable you to achieve better results and save on costs.
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How do you create optimum office acoustics?

A pleasant working environment is one that is perfectly suited to the work to be done. Employees perform better and enjoy coming to the office. Not just to be able to do their own work in a focused way, but also (and perhaps even more importantly) to meet up with colleagues and work together. Do you know how to approach the task of improving office acoustics in the short and long term?

Hoe zorg je voor een optimale akoestiek op kantoor?