Acoustics & building physics

The perception of sound is one of the most important factors for people to interact with each other, as it enables communication and provides an important sense of space. When it comes to buildings, sound propagation is described by acoustics. Good acoustics allow effortless communication, good speech privacy in open plan offices and sufficient sound proofing. Building physics deals with comfort in the built environment. Not only that but ensuring that the built environment is sustainable and energy efficient.
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Alongside sound, light, and air, ventilation, moisture, and draughts are all considerations that also contribute to the feeling of comfort within a building. Whatever the building project, the user is always at the center of the process, as their experience is key to quantifying building performance. Making sure that people in a building feel comfortable by providing a healthy indoor climate can increase productivity and well-being in schools and offices, and decrease recovery time in hospitals.

Acoustics & building physics services

At Royal HaskoningDHV we collaborate with engineers, architects, manufacturers and builders to ensure integration of disciplines from the first concept to the last detail in building design. Our portfolio includes hospitals, data centers, laboratories, airports, museums, theatres, performance halls, industrial plants, offices and housing.

We help our clients with:

  • Determining the right acoustic requirements in building projects, focusing on a healthy, productive and sustainable indoor climate.
  • Achieving good acoustics in new or existing buildings.
  • Assessing sound or vibration related problems by means of acoustic measurement and (3D) modeling, and providing practical solutions.
  • Our field of expertise also includes thermal comfort, daylight and moisture distribution in materials. We use advanced software simulation programs to provide innovative and cutting edge solutions for each design challenge.
  • Theatres in the Netherlands are renowned for their versatile programming, which also demands a wide range of stagecraft facilities. At Royal HaskoningDHV we have extensive experience in theatre consultancy and support our clients with project planning, stagecraft design, and tender procedures.

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