Industrial wastewater

Improving wastewater treatment to reduce costs, ensure stability and continuity of your operations, while meeting future demands

Water at the front of industrial facility

Why Aqua Suite for industrial wastewater?

Mitigate operational risks
Increase efficiency, uptime and be more in control with machine learning algorithms.
Ensure regulatory compliance
Maintain licenses to operate and control water discharge quality.
Stable anaerobic process
Up to 50% more biogas is produced, without the risk of sludge washout.
Track KPIs for better decisions
Actionable insights around the clock, which give insight into financial and process performance. 

What does it do?

Aqua Suite for industrial applications follows the same proven philosophy as it does at municipal sites. It provides a holistic optimisation of the entire treatment process. This is achieved by tailoring the product to the client’s requirements, by implementing different advanced process control modules. These range from different biological systems – like continuous and batch systems – to physical/chemical systems, such as membranes and dosing systems. It uses a combination of deep domain expertise, along with cutting-edge AI and machine learning.

Industry-specific modules like the anaerobic controller optimises biogas production and improves the resilience of the sensitive treatment process. Aqua Suite provides advanced process control software and seamlessly interfaces with existing process control. Additionally, Aqua Suite’s analytics, which are provided on a cloud-based platform, provide end users with actionable insights, which give managers, engineers, and operators the tools to make better-informed decisions, even before problems have occurred. 

Aqua Suite Pure Industrial wastewater treatment
Melchior  Schenk - Sales Leader Twinn Aqua Suite

Melchior Schenk

Sales Leader Twinn Aqua Suite