Drinking water

Ensuring resilient water supply and asset management of the distribution network by detecting water leaks and mapping out the condition of underground water pipelines.

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Why Aqua Suite for drinking water?

Avoid serious water losses
Detects and finds leaks and bursts to minimise water loss and supports asset management of the distribution network.
Ensure reliable constant water supply
Optimises pump scheduling for abstraction and distribution to create a calm water network and improve customer service.
Reduce energy use and costs
Predicts 72-hour water demand per supply area for a real-time optimisation for energy-efficient water distribution/operations.
Reduce peak flows and defer CapEx
Prevents turbidity peaks caused by flow variations and minimises pressure, calming the network that leads to less wear and tear postponing CapEx.

What does it do?

Aqua Suite predicts water demand for the next 72 hours in a supply zone, using machine learning. Combined with our self-learning water leak detection and localisation ability/water leakage monitoring solution, you can create a stable and robust water network. Understanding water demand gives you the ability to automatically control the water supply in your network; creating a stable production flow with up to  90% less variation.

A constant production rate leads to lower overall system pressure, lower peak factor production and transportation. It also decreases the probability of bursts and leaks, preventing serious water losses.  Underground assets can be managed in a cost-effective way through preventative maintenance. 

Aqua Suite softwrae for water production and distribution
frontpage Aqua Suite white paper virtual operatorWhitepaper

Aqua Suite - Virtual operator

Learn how the virtual operator controls the performance of the entire water cycle based on sensor-generated data combined with consumption and weather forecasts.

Frontpage whitepaper using AI to reduce leaks aqua suiteWhitepaper

Aqua Suite - AI to reduce leaks

Discover how AI detects water leaks, minimising loss by predicting demand, analysing data, and locating leaks promptly.

Implementation of Aqua Suite at the pumping station as a first step has greatly improved the quality of our drinking water in Helden.

Rene GausenSystem and Application Manager, Water Supply Company, Limburg
Melchior  Schenk - Sales Leader Twinn Aqua Suite

Melchior Schenk

Sales Leader Twinn Aqua Suite