The Smart Mooring Technology: Dynamic Mooring Analysis

Understand the behaviour of moored ships to assess the safety of a berth

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A Dynamic Mooring Analysis (or DMA) is a mathematical representation of the behaviour of a moored ship subjected to wind, waves and current. The DMA software package used to calculate the response of the moored vessels is aNySIM, developed by Maritime Research Institute the Netherlands ( aNySIM comprises a time domain simulation to analyse the dynamic behaviour of a moored vessel subject to wind, waves and current. The program predicts the mooring loads and vessel motions when the system is exposed to environmental conditions. aNySIM solves the equations of motion of the vessel in the time domain, so that the nonlinear behaviour of fenders and mooring lines and drift forces are taken into account. The hydromechanics reaction and wave forces for each ship are determined in a separate software package, called Diffrac - also developed by MARIN.

The output of a DMA are ship motions, line forces and fender deflections for a range of wind, wave and current conditions. This information is used by Smart Mooring to predict, based on a weather forecast, whether the mooring remains safe. If, based on the weather forecast, high line tensions in the lines are likely to occur, Smart Mooring provides actionable insights based on which operators can make informed decisions.

A dynamic mooring analysis calculates ship motions in six degrees of freedom and the resulting mooring forces in the time domain.

There is a significant difference between a dynamic and a static mooring analysis. As wind and waves are oscillating (time-varying) forces, they cause an oscillating response. This may result in high peak loads in mooring lines and fenders. The dynamic mooring analysis accounts for this dynamic behaviour which yields accurate results.

Over 150 projects done by our maritime engineers:

Royal HaskoningDHV has been involved in Dynamic Mooring Analyses since the first software become commercially available in the late 90s. Since then, we have carried out over 150 projects for various ship types, sizes, mooring arrangements, locations and conditions. 

  • To improve the safety of moored vessel operations
  • To determine and improve the operability of terminals
  • To reduce investments, for example, existing quay infrastructure and new port development


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Nautical and mooring studiesNautical and mooring studies

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Nautical and mooring studiesNautical and mooring studiesNautical and mooring studies
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Alex van Deyzen - Leading expert in dynamic mooring analysis  Twinn Smart Mooring

Alexvan Deyzen

Leading expert in dynamic mooring analysis Twinn Smart Mooring