Twinn UK Flood Map and Ecometrica

A precision tool for understanding and managing flood risk at property-level

Twinn Hazard Map

Enhanced UK Flood Data for Ecometrica

Ecometrica, experts in climate metrics, have recently enhanced their flood risk mapping precision data by partnering with Twinn by Royal HaskoningDHV.

TCFD (Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosure) legislation is now mandatory for businesses headquartered in the UK with over 500 employees. To comply, companies need to be able to identify potential flood risk exposure to their offices, supply chain and staff.

Ecometrica has previously used global satellite imagery and climate models to be able to assess potential physical climate risk (including flood) to businesses, as well as predicting future risk against different climate scenarios. However, this data has only been available at a lower resolution, which, for some businesses, does not offer the required detail needed.

We at Twinn have been working in this area for decades under the Ambiental brand, acquired by Royal HaskoningDHV in 2018. Our precise flood risk maps and scoring (to property level) are the absolute gold standard for the UK.

“Enhancing our TCFD offering with Twinn Flood Map and Twinn Flood Score data for the UK will help our clients there to fully understand their risk to flood exposure.” Sarah Middlemiss, COO, Ecometrica.

She continues, “We pride ourselves on creating strong partnerships with companies who offer the very best data available”.

UK Flood Map
Visualisation of Twinn’s FloodMap overlain with Ordnance Survey AddressBase building points, colour classified depending on their FloodScore risk rating value.
Rob Carling - Channel Sales Manager


Channel Sales Manager