Our team of highly creative architects brings distinction, artistic flair, and groundbreaking design to every project. We ensure your building, be it an iconic edifice or crucial infrastructure, resonates with your organisation's ethos and meets the aspirations of its occupants and users.
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Blending inspiring design with practical functionality 

Whilst the look of a building or infrastructure project defines its public perception, what lies behind the façade is what makes it a success.  

Our award-winning architects will work with you to understand your organisation and its functional relationship with the built environment. Employing advanced digital techniques and leveraging parametric design assets, we translate this understanding into an inspiring, practical, and efficient design.  

Our philosophy embraces not just the design of new buildings but also the repurposing and revitalisation of older ones. This is a testament to our commitment to sustainable solutions. Using our deep-rooted expertise combined with cutting-edge modelling we will guide you through design and materials choices that align with your ecological ambitions.

Backed by a global network 
Our expert advice and creative solutions are backed by 140 years of worldwide experience delivering architectural and engineering projects.
Seamlessly integrated design  
Combining parametric design with expertise allows us to create intuitive visualisations, informed decision support tools and integrated designs.
Creative and sustainable architecture  
We will advise, guide and support you in meeting your sustainability goals. Finding new ways to deliver breathtaking buildings that are optimised for the future.

Global architects with local knowledge 

From the blueprints of corporate offices and industrial units to intricate plans for data centres, airports, and comprehensive transport systems, our architectural skills are showcased globally.  

We have architects located in Royal HaskoningDHV offices across Europe, Africa, and Asia creating a worldwide forum for colleagues to share best practice and industry developments. We combine this with in-depth knowledge of building codes, regulations and building practices, specific requirements, e.g., DNR and RIBA and local risk factors such as climate or earthquake threat. 

We also have access to the 6,000-strong Royal HaskoningDHV team working across 25 countries. Meaning we can offer you an integrated team capable of working with you throughout the entire project, not just the initial design. This includes structural, mechanical, electrical, and technical engineers, project managers, building physics specialists and experts in fire safety and many more.

Supporting projects from design to delivery 

Once the design is signed off, we remain in close contact with the project team. Whether collaborating with a Royal HaskoningDHV integrated design team or a third party we are present throughout the project’s evolution. We provide decision making support, ensure appropriate material selections are made, and that the finished building aligns with the approved design.

At the forefront of parametric design 

During the past decade we have embraced the opportunities presented by parametric design and its blending of artistic creativity and advanced computer technology. This has opened the door to more extensive design possibilities and increased the precision of architectural projects. 

Parametric design is more than an architectural trend, it is a revolutionary approach harnessing the power of algorithms and technology. It allows us to achieve an optimal balance between design, the relationship with the environment and your requirements and ambitions.   

We use algorithms to define a series of parameters relating to various aspects of the design, such as a building's form, size, orientation and choice of materials. These parameters can then be adjusted to generate and evaluate various design options. This gives us the opportunity to make smarter trade-offs in the early phase of the design and in investment decisions, helping us achieve a high degree of design freedom and speed, and designs which contribute to a better and more sustainable society. Using parametric design enables us to explore and analyse different scenarios so that they can make informed choices which are not just aesthetically, but also ecologically and socially sensible.

Leading by example with circularity 

The end of a building’s functional life is not necessarily the end of its structural one. Buildings and all the materials and elements that go into them can be repeatedly repurposed; a closed ecosystem for materials is an ambitious yet achievable goal.  

Our team is intently focused on finding ways to design interior fixtures and fittings that can be adapted and, when the time comes, deconstructed for reuse.  

Our latest office building in Amsterdam was created from a derelict transportation hub and many of the elements specified by our team were taken from our previous office and repurposed or sourced from other sites. From shipping container meeting rooms to demountable phone booths, creative and innovative thinking has created a workspace capable of fluidly responding to evolving requirements.

Innovative, creative, outstanding architecture 

From the first phone call to the building’s opening day and beyond, our team is on hand to guide, support and at times challenge so that we can work with you to create a standout design that contributes to the success of your business.  

If you think we can help you bring your next project to life, get in touch.
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