Blast and impact engineering

Whether accident, incident or threat, blasts can rip through sites and buildings – claiming lives, causing injury and devastating operations with their impact.
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Advanced Technology - Blast-Impact-engineering
Proper blast engineering and impact engineering offers protection against the worst of these. In a field of fine margins, our experts offer a unique service that combines a depth of experience and expertise in structural engineering, with the nuances and unpredictable dynamics of blast and impact engineering.

Utilising the latest measurement and modelling technologies, we offer a guiding hand that makes a difference. Preventing potential incidents from becoming catastrophes.

Protecting industry from incident

Oil and gas refineries, wood factories, powder producers, chemical plants. Many industries handle combustible materials in day-to-day operations – helping produce goods and support industries that benefit our society.

Protections and safety measures try to ensure the worst accidents in these industries are avoided. But if something does go wrong, you want to make sure lives are safe.

Whether chemicals, powders or raw materials, we know you know your products. Our engineers look to work with, and learn from, you and your teams to embed robust blast engineering to protect in the event of accidents.

Using your insights and instincts, and our extensive knowledge of structural, blast engineering and impact engineering, we can help to protect your people, your assets and your operations.

Guarding against internal and external threats

Industrial hazards present danger due to accidents, but there are also people who threaten facilities with malicious intent. Internal and external threats can come in many forms, so that they might be harder to predict.

Unless you’re building a bunker, the damage of potential explosive blasts cannot be entirely stopped. But in planning and designing buildings for these situations we work with you to understand your site, your buildings and the threats to each. Developing an understanding of what damage can be prevented, mitigated and protected against.
Whether protecting a critical control room, or a campus, we develop blast engineering designs to meet your needs. Using technologies to model and simulate a range of blast dynamics, we analyse the best design options for you and help see them through to completion.

Latest innovations supported by experience

We pride ourselves on our utilisation, and creation, of new technologies and innovations to support the experience and expertise of our engineers.

Whether determining the best use of finite element analysis or using visual simulations to better communicate the impacts of potential blasts. We deploy technologies around a single goal – to get you to a design that you can trust.

Giving you peace of mind

In a field where each project is entirely unique and the dynamics at play are ever shifting, it’s expected to come to the table with a lot of questions and uncertainties. What is being discussed is more than a typical design or build, especially when considering threats as part of the equation.

Thankfully the questions you might be sitting with are what our experts spend their days solving and answering. Whatever your challenges, parameters or decisions, we will apply our expertise to determine a roadmap to a design that gives you peace of mind.

A full service and guiding hand

Royal HaskoningDHV’s experience and expertise spans multiple global sectors and disciplines. Our belief in collaborative approaches and co-creation helps bring our teams together to produce the best outcomes for each project. With our blast engineering experts, that means being able to call on colleagues to sharpen designs around sector specific challenges – whether in aviation, maritime or countless others.
Together, we do everything to ensure nothing is missed in protecting your people and buildings from the impacts of blasts.
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