Advanced technology & research

Our expertise goes far beyond standard engineering. Our specialist team of advanced technology experts is fully integrated across our business. Ensuring our clients benefit from the very latest research, innovation, and cutting-edge digital modelling. Giving them the confidence that we can deliver a solution no matter how complex the engineering challenge.
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Advanced technology & research

Complex engineering challenges

For any building there is a wide variety of complex challenges which influence its design. This will affect everything from aesthetics to how successfully the building can fulfil its function to the safety and comfort of users.

From initial design to remedial action

Working alongside our 6.000-strong global team which includes inhouse engineers, designers and consultants, our advanced technology group has experience across all the sectors the wider company operates in.
Integrating the latest innovation and implementing research throughout the design and construction process will deliver a safer building with greater life expectancy.

Challenges can also evolve over the lifetime of a building so our vibration engineering experts, seismic, blast, impact, wind and fluid engineering experts, and our forensic engineering experts can also assess and evaluate existing buildings. Providing insight into building behaviour and making recommendations for retrofitting or remedial solutions as required.

We understand the impact that concerns around building structures and performance can have on commercial operations and those working or living in the buildings. Our team has the technology and expertise to provide rapid risk assessments of the immediate issue or danger, providing advice for short-term solutions to keep businesses running whilst a longer-term plan is drawn up.
Advanced Technology - Vibration-Engineering

Vibration engineering

From annoying to catastrophic, vibration can affect all buildings. Our vibration engineering team can map the dynamic behaviour of existing and potential buildings, identify design interventions or measures to minimise nuisance, maximise safety and provide dampening for critical environments.

Introducing vibration engineering expertise into our designs has resulted in innovative solutions that mitigate for the impact of vibrations arising from anything from machinery to vehicles to human activity.

Earthquake engineering

Earthquakes and seismic activity can have a significant impact on buildings, commercial activity or livelihoods. With natural gas extraction also linked to seismic activity, the risk to existing buildings is evolving and the need for earthquake resilience becoming more widespread.

Our highly experienced earthquake engineers are not only able to design new buildings for earthquake risk zones but can also take on the complex and demanding task of assessing, adjusting and retrofitting existing buildings to ensure people and structures are protected.

Advanced Technology - Earthquake-engineering
Advanced Technology - Blast-Impact-engineering

Blast and impact engineering

Accidents, incidents, threats. Whatever the cause, blasts can rip through sites causing significant harm to people and impacts on operations.

Our blast engineers work in the field of prevention and protection against blasts and their impacts. Working with you to understand the unique dynamics at play, creating simulations and models to explore potential remedies to risks – and developing designs to bring them to life.  

Wind and fluid engineering

With decades of experience and the expert application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), our team of engineers can shed light on how the flow of wind, and gases might impact your site, building or project. Helping you design for the causes at the outset, or remedy the implications via retrofit measures.

Whether helping avoid pedestrian discomfort or protecting the heritage of Netherlands’ windmills. We can take you beyond compliance to set the standard.

Advanced Technology - Wind-Fluid-engineering
Advanced Technology - Forensic-engineering

Forensic engineering

When significant damage to buildings and infrastructure occurs, the causes need to be identified quickly, lessons learnt, and preventative measures put in place. Our forensic engineers call on expertise from across our specialist advanced technology & research team, as well as their own depth of experience to deliver rapid assessments, suggest short-term measures and design a long-term solution.

Using a depth of expertise in structural safety as our foundation, we specialise in untangling the many layers of engineering to find the root problems – helping you fix it and giving you peace of mind.

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