Resilient naval facility operations in a changing world

Get ready for environmental, legislative, and capability changes while enhancing your support to your naval  fleet. 
Resilient naval facility operations in a changing world

To build resilience, avoid downtime, and optimise support outputs as the climate changes and technology evolves, your day-to-day operations need to adapt. However, with a unique network of stakeholders, complex infrastructure, and diverse supply chain to manage, modernising the way defence facilities operate can be a difficult task.

Building resilience into your operations can make you more effective in delivering support to your fleet. For example, you might employ digital innovations such as automation and predictive maintenance to boost productivity while enhancing your environmental profile.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, our global maritime and defence experience means we can quickly understand the technical, financial, and environmental aspects of your facility’s operations. We can help you optimise for today’s objectives – and meet your strategic goals as threats, technology, and the climate continue to evolve.

The world of maritime is changing. Ready to join? - Our maritime experts are here to discuss your specific challenges.

The world of maritime is changing.Ready to join?

Our maritime experts are here to discuss your specific challenges.

Operations optimisation for naval bases and dockyards

Maximise the effectiveness of your facility’s operations

Safeguarding your base’s daily routine – and making it as efficient and cost effective as possible – demands a clear view of your operations and interdependencies, and how you can adapt them to best support naval maintenance and support activity.

Our maritime defence specialists can highlight the biggest potential gains and consult on practical changes you can make to deliver the most output from your facility.

Build resilience to changing climate hazards, government demands, and technology

Alongside the pressures of defence budgets, digital innovations, and evolving support needs for different types of vessels, you need to adapt your base operations to contend with weather extremes and an ever-increasing risk of flooding. It’s a lot to manage in an uncertain world.

Optimising your operations today can help you mitigate against future risk. We can also help you meet changing requirements around CO₂ emissions and the move towards a more sustainable defence sector.

Enhance community benefit from your base’s operations

The way your naval port is managed can have a huge effect on the surrounding region and communities. We’ll help you optimise operations to balance specific outcomes – efficiency and job creation, emissions reduction and productivity – to make your facility more resilient while meeting society’s expectations.

From local communities to global supply chains, defence facilities play a complex wider role. We can apply deep maritime and defence expertise, experience of best practice, and the right technology to help improve the lives of everyone in and around your site.


Build climate resilience and flexibility to meet capability changes
Enhance working conditions and safety for naval and contractor personnel
Boost productivity and reduce downtime through more reliable operations
Future-proof your operations against environmental and legislative change

Making your defence facility more resilient and efficient can improve the performance of your entire site – and optimising your operations has a huge bearing on that.

Nick MacDonald-RobinsonSector Director Defence

Our services

  • Masterplanning and feasibility studies
  • Maritime design and engineering services
  • Smart and Green Port strategy and masterplan development
  • Base and supply chain simulation
  • Climate resilience assessment
  • Project finance for resilience projects
  • Port optimisation and automation consultancy
  • Smart asset management consultancy
  • Smart Port health check
  • Port optimisation and automation consultancy
  • Digital Twin strategy and consultancy
  • Digital Twin solution design and implementation
Nick MacDonald-Robinson - Sector Director Defence


Sector Director Defence

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