Well-functioning infrastructure helps societies to thrive and individuals to prosper. Get the infrastructure right and the benefits extend far beyond the functional.
Bridge over highway
Smart planning, novel technologies and stakeholder management together with our integrated engineering approaches are enabling multiple goals and wider societal benefit to be realised. Innovation is at the core of our business. From the highly lauded iReport, which helps to reduce project complexity, to our new digital asset solution being developed which will provide digital up-to-date insights on real estate portfolios, our drive to create futureproof solutions is helping to herald the next generation of healthy and sustainable cities.

Tunnels and underground structures

Intensive use of roads by commuters and heavy traffic causes regular traffic congestion. In many cities, there is simply not the space to build more roads. In these busy cities and ports, tunnels and underground structures are making a difference. We are one of few leading international consultancies that specialise in soft soil tunnelling.

Our integrated approach means clients can access the design, construction, operation and management of tunnels all under one roof. From landmark tunnels to cost-effective designs, our solutions connect communities and enhance accessibility.

Tunnels and underground structures
Transport services

Mobility transition

Mobility is undergoing a seismic shift across the world. The growing demand for mobility is compounded by an increasing pressure on the mobility system and disruption from new technologies and changing behaviour. This creates the perfect storm which is fundamentally changing our mobility system as we know it – and this is what we define as the mobility transition.

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