Transport hubs & stations

Modern rail networks are leading the way towards a prosperous and sustainable future. Railways connect regions, cities and districts which flourish in the new dynamic of arrivals and departures and everything in between. Stations are the exciting gateways to new relationships, markets and opportunities. Every city or region in the rail network needs an inspiring, multifunctional and sustainable station. Using the latest insights and technology, high quality stations can be created which are at the forefront of 21st century railway network evolution.
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Strategic masterplans

Stations are the quintessential hub at the heart of the infrastructure of advanced economies. Flourishing stations can handle large flows of passengers, visitors and goods quickly and smoothly. As stimulating meeting places, they offer numerous facilities in response to social and commercial opportunities. They also seamlessly connect with other forms of transport and neighbouring residential, working and shopping centres. To successfully unite all these functions, an integrated and well considered master plan is your first requirement.

Experience and functionality

Attractive stations are characterised by beautiful designs, combining aesthetic quality with smart, functional features. A successful layout meets the needs of the passengers and visitors who use the station's facilities. A great deal of thought has gone into signage, passenger information, service counters, ticket systems, safety and other essential factors. In-depth knowledge and experience is required to optimise your station layout so that perception and functionality effortlessly merge.

Smart transfers

Stations handle large groups of travellers who desire a safe and comfortable passage. In the initial plan and design phase, it is important to analyse future passenger numbers, walking routes, how long people stay and potential queues. Identifying and resolving bottlenecks around platforms, escalators, ticketing or tunnels will save money and prevent complaints later on. Because smart transfer solutions very much depend on an effective station design, an integrated, multidisciplinary approach is the best way forward.

Futureproof transit hubs 

All over the world, the railway is embraced as a sustainable transport alternative to guarantee continued access and quality of life in cities. A future-proof perspective that is also expressed in the development of sustainable stations. From material choice to power generation, we seek the right balance between profitability, functionality and environmental impact. Besides these important design choices, you can also target sustainable value management. A systematic approach whereby the performance of your station assets during the life cycle is smartly balanced against the costs and risks.

Integrated approach 

Royal HaskoningDHV helps you make an ordinary station extraordinary. We can enhance the quality of your decisions relating to every aspect of your ambitions, from station planning and design to implementation and management. Locally, we have over a century of experience with the busiest rail network in the world. Internationally, we have completed many prestigious station projects.

In a rapidly changing world, stations demand advanced technology and the ability to adapt. We help you make flexible, effective design choices offering scope for future optimisation. In addition, we guarantee the performance of your station today and tomorrow with professional asset management. That's how you design cutting edge stations with long-term value retention which lead the way to a new economic and social reality.

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent expert that can support you at a strategic, tactical and operational level in developing high quality, trendsetting stations with a sustainable return.

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