FMCG Home and personal care product manufacturing solutions

Sustainable, flexible, innovative strategy and solutions to meet multiple challenges in household, beauty cosmetic, and personal care product manufacturing.
Factory of beauty products
Changing consumer demand patterns, technology and environmentally driven opportunities are transforming home and personal care manufacturing. Personalisation and convenience - including home delivery and automated ordering - require flexibility, advanced systems, digitalisation and reliable logistics.

Simultaneously, sustainability is increasingly key to brand success through consumer purchasing decisions. It involves aspects including carbon emissions, plastic and packaging waste and consumption of water and resources. To report transparently on progress, key performance indicators need to be identified and tracked. 

For manufacturers of household & personal care products and their suppliers,Royal HaskoningDHV brings future thinking, strategic clarity, sustainable technologies and innovation. Working in partnership we secure your success in the home and personal care industry together. 

Strategy, simulation and implementation: make the right decisions at every step

Redefine your business case and review strategic choices with our consultants. They can help with ground-breaking new ideas and services in the home & personal care industry. Identify the key parameters on which to base your decisions. Price can no longer be considered in isolation - sustainability, reduced waste and customer intimacy are an increasingly important part of the mix.

By using digital simulations and data visualisations of operations you can explore different scenarios and make predictions. With these digital tools we ensure projects deliver on expectations and help you to de-risk your FMCG manufacturing plans.

Rise to the challenge with integrated solutions from a multi-disciplinary team

Consumers want ever more convenience. Orders by phone for home delivery may be overtaken by automated ordering from an appliance such as a refrigerator or dish washer. To ensure ever-more convenience for your customers rely on our integrated team of experts. They have wide-ranging sustainability expertise to ensure your future-fit operations, supply chains and digital systems.
White paper

Achieving excellence in manufacturing & supply chain operations

Changes in demand patterns are driving major transformations in global manufacturing industries and supply chains. At the same time, sustainable manufacturing and decarbonisation require urgent focus. The white paper elaborates on new solutions that are helping manufacturers manage risk, remain competitive and future proof their investments to stay relevant in manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Home & personal care projects

Production line personal care products

Careful planning maintains production during upgrade and extension 

A global producer of major skin care brands needed to refurbish their 30-year old factory which was operating at full capacity. Detailed understanding of all aspects of production at the manufacturing plant in Indonesia enabled us to create a plan for upgrading and extending the facility. While operations continued throughout the work. 

The project also included extension and reorganisation of the warehouse, replacement of the electrical system and upgrade for waste water treatment. The decision to re-use and re-furbish the existing structure rather than start from scratch saved time. It also avoided impact on production capabilities.

Factory of beauty products

Huge new factory meets rising demand for beauty products 

A massive new production facility with LEED Silver certification enables our client to meet the rapidly growing demand for beauty products in South-East Asia. Royal HaskoningDHV was hired for design and project management for this new facility. The existing factory was converted to a production/office unit with new buildings constructed for packaging/warehousing. The project was completed including wastewater treatment plant, and road and drainage systems.  

Patrick Ramakers - Global Business Development & Associate Director


Global Business Development & Associate Director