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The Dutch approach towards developing stadia can be characterised as holistic and business case oriented. For a complex venue development to create a positive result for society, city and business, all aspects related to the stadium area master planning need to be understood carefully and combined into a general approach. Master planning, legacy, low risk solutions, technological innovations, integrated solutions for infrastructure and profitability come together for large international sports events like Football World Cups and Olympic Games.
Sport & leisure
Royal HaskoningDHV has a lot of experience with integral development of large-scale accommodations and spacious areas. It requires a joint effort of consultancy services in many areas of expertise: from the initial phase up and until realisation and exploitation.

Our company culture is open and is aims for close collaboration with stakeholders and business partners.


A hotel is a service oriented establishment where people spend most of their time in a luxury though functional environment. Rooms and apartments form a significant part of the hotel; however, a vast package of services varying from restaurants, shops, pools & spas is the actual engine behind the façade of nice architecture and hospitality.

Today's market is dominated by local as well as international financial developments. Amid the financial turmoil hotel management is coping with ever changing regulatory requirements and international hospitality trends. The regulatory requirements are mainly environmentally, health and safety driven, while for customer relations the focus is on keeping quality standards - such as comfort, image, and service - up to date at acceptable costs.


The international hotel and restaurant industry has been working toward sustainability in operations, and industry executives are making every effort to report their sustainability results, partly in response to requests from customers and governments. Because hotels occupy a central point in many supply chains, hotel operators are also looking up and down the supply chain in connection with sustainability reporting. In this regard, sustainability has become a business driver, and guests are aware of hotels' sustainability efforts. However, the only sustainability-related element in the actual purchase decision is a 'healthy room', according to research by Expedia and MindClick. Even as guests expect hotels to be sustainable, they are also uncertain about environmental claims, on the concern that hotels may be 'greenwashing', or exaggerating their sustainability efforts. One way for hotels to overcome that concern is to take advantage of internationally recognized certifications, including LEED, ISO 14001, and Travelocity's Green Hotel directory.
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