Arts & culture

Museums have traditionally been the stewards of our collective heritage. They build, manage and exhibit unique collections and make these relevant to current and future generations. In this way, they provide society with a relevant cultural and historical context. In the dynamic of the 21st century, museum managers are increasingly expected to be cultural entrepreneurs. Cultural entrepreneurship is expressed in many ways, including the way one treats one's premises. After all, property is a strategic business asset that can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of one's primary process and to healthy operations in general.
Arts and culture
Other cultural meeting places, such as theatres and concert halls, play an equally broad social role. In striking, humorous, poetic or confrontational ways, they inspire their audiences to reflect. And just like museums, theatres are being challenged in many ways. Think, for instance, of cuts in subsidies, growing competition in the leisure market, and the increasing digitisation of society. Here, too, your premises can play a strategic role in your business operations.

Active supervision

Royal HaskoningDHV has global experience in optimising the utility value of museums, theatres and other cultural centres. More often than not, such institutions require specific building performance in terms of indoor climate, security, lighting and/or acoustics. With our extensive technical expertise and international experience, we can enable you to strike the right balance between costs, quality and risks. With our hands-on supervision of your buildings and building installations, you will be surprised at how much more you will get out of your premises.

Steering for added value

Your real estate can contribute to more efficient operations in several ways. For example, considerable savings (think 10 percent) can often be realised on your operational property costs. Furthermore, your museum or theatre can generate extra income by thinking outside the box and allowing itself to be used for other purposes. Alternatively, you can aim for higher building performance, which improves the quality of the premises for both your visitors and your employees. This will be reflected in things such as high approval rates and a more pleasant stay for your customers. The great advantage of a good real-estate strategy is that more funds can be released for actual content.

Certified approach

Most buildings and installations have a limited lifespan. Furthermore, changes in the way they are used or new legal requirements may demand certain changes. By taking the right action at the right time, you can safeguard the continuity of your building performance and avoid unnecessary costs. At Royal HaskoningDHV, we work with a certified process approach for optimal management of the performance, costs and risks of your property throughout its lifecycle. This allows you to make carefully considered, cost-saving decisions that align with present and future developments.

Innovative technologies

Royal HaskoningDHV enjoys an international reputation in the fields of security, acoustics and indoor climate. For museums, for example, we use patented, energy-saving technologies that optimise climate conditions for art objects while retaining a comfortable indoor climate for visitors. We also specialise in realising high-quality acoustic performance in both heritage and ultra-modern theatres which present challenges in terms of design and/or location.

Sustainability pays

It is entirely possible for cultural and socially responsible enterprise to go hand in hand. For example, a sustainable building increases the value of your property in terms of operations, image and social value. With innovative technologies, we can make even centuries-old buildings sustainable. If you wish, you can make your property more sustainable through step-by-step improvements carried out during scheduled maintenance, or alternatively, you can do it through occasional investments. As a leading operator in the field of sustainability, we offer you an insight into possible solutions, while providing full transparency with regard to the additional costs, savings and recovery times you can expect.
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