Water stewardship for industry

Making your business water resilient.
Industrial wastewater treatment plant purifying water before it is discharged

Corporates, including industries, are at the heart of sustainable water management. Whether through their production processes, in their supply chains or as part of their corporate social responsibility, they rely on sufficient and adequate quality water supply, while also being impacted by changes in water resources within their operational areas. Although corporates may have similar reasons for becoming more responsible water users and thus good water stewards, setting the right course towards good water stewardship might differ per sector and context.  Whether you aim to reduce (fresh) water consumption, increase water reuse and recycling, reduce your water footprint or replenish water in the catchments you are operating in, at Royal HaskoningDHV, we are ready to assist you on your way towards a water-resilient and sustainable future.

What is water stewardship?

Water stewardship is defined as using water in a way that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial. This is achieved through a stakeholder inclusive process that involves site and catchment based actions (CEO Water Mandate).

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we believe that corporate water stewardship plays a crucial role in reducing and mitigating today’s challenges on water.

diagram to show water stewardship and catchment based actions

Water stewardship consultancy

Assess your water risks
A gap analysis is key to raising awareness of the risks companies face. We partner with businesses of all sizes to help them assess their water vulnerability – not just with operations at your site, but everything from catchment hydrogeology to water usage across your supply chain.
Plan your water strategy
Different industries have different water requirements – and every site has unique challenges. We’ll work with all stakeholders at your organisation to define a water stewardship strategy so your that teams can implement water stewardship programmes, including achievable asset-level action plans at your sites around the world. 
Optimise your asset performance
Good water stewardship needs to connect strategy with engineering solutions and operations. Our consultants can help you gather the data you need to evaluate your water stewardship, report your progress, and further optimise your performance.
Collaborate with your catchment community
Manage your waste resources in a sustainable way. Water stewardship doesn’t stop at compliance – the impacts of inconsiderate water usage on the surrounding ecosystem can damage corporate reputation and deter investment. We can help you align your sustainable water strategy with the needs of your catchment area neighbours and the environment.

Our services

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we offer a range of services to support you on your pathway towards good water stewardship. Our expertise enables us to assist in developing water-resilient strategies and plans that not only mitigate water-related risks, but also identify strategic investment opportunities, while fostering positive impacts within catchments and supply chains.

Identify and understand your water risks

Water scarcity, pollution, climate change, stakeholder demands and more stringent regulation can affect the availability, quality, and cost of water for your operations and supply chains. The first step is to identify and understand your water-related risks to effectively and efficiently define your corporate water actions aligned with other corporate and sustainability priorities. We offer the following services to gain insight and oversight of your industry’s water-related risks:

  • Water stewardship assessments, including:
    • Water footprint assessments
    • Compliance and performance assessment
  • Climate resilience vulnerability and risk assessments software

Solidify your water strategy

After having identified water-related risks, industries are ready to prepare forward-thinking, strategic recommendations to set their corporate water targets, to manage risks and to prioritise investments.

We can offer the expert guidance organisations need for this as to reduce corporate risks, while improving water resilience and efficiency.

  • Corporate water strategy, including:
    • Corporate benchmarking to inform goals and policies on water
    • Scenario analysis and decision-support tools for investment strategies
    • Corporate water goals and target setting
    • Corporate reporting on water as part of Corporate Social Responsibility Directive and other requirements


Develop your plan and optimise your performance 

Industries are required to have ownership and capacity to manage water sustainably at their sites. We specialize in developing water master plans and water circularity assessments that help organizations optimize their water usage and reduce their environmental impact. We analyze the organization's water usage patterns, identify areas of inefficiency, and develop a customized plan to optimize water usage. Our assessments are designed to be practical and actionable, ensuring that organizations can implement them with ease.

  • Water stewardship plans and water master plans at asset level
  • Water circularity assessments and Water Scans
  • Water technology assessments and feasibility studies

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we believe that sustainable water management is essential for a better future. Our services are designed to help organizations achieve their sustainability goals while reducing their environmental impact. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization manage its water resources sustainably.


Our services on corporate water stewardship. These are building upon our engineering expertise and understanding of day-to-day operational needs. We enable companies to make their sustainability goals and targets on water actionable and create positive impacts on water resources.

Basja JantowskiGlobal Lead, Water Strategy for Industry

Synergies in water and sustainability compliance

On 15 November 2023 together with EPPA, we hosted a webinar on Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive meets the Water Framework Directive. Here we discussed more about the evolving landscape of water regulations and sustainability reporting.

Watch the recording hereWatch the recording here
Synergies in water and sustainability compliance
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Got a question?

Contact our Water Technology experts!