Effective manufacturing 

Boosting productivity and reducing costs are crucial in an effective manufacturing industry. The right tools and data are the key to high performance and competitive advantage. 

Your business can gain real value from the design and implementation of world-class industrial manufacturing solutions. By ensuring plant and process operations are best-in-class you boost productivity, cut costs, avoid plant and process bottlenecks and introduce more flexibility into production. Manufacturing 4.0 solutions can further enhance your performance.

Benefit from our plant and process research and optimisation experience and allow our engineering experts to help you transform to high-performance operations – at both established and new sites. In the case of production innovation or development explore how a modular or prefabricated factory can help you test new markets without compromising product quality and safety or respond at speed to increased demand. Following your production strategy, we provide full EPCM service for your next new factory or extension. 

Take a great leap forward with better solutions
Imagine how much your business would benefit from the insight of a world-class team of plant and sustainable production engineering experts based in global and regional centres of excellence. The team has the best available Industry 4.0 analytics and predictive process-modelling tools at their disposal.
360-degree integrated design
Benefit from an integrated approach to develop practical solutions, led by a multi-disciplinary team applying plant and process design tools. Their thinking extends beyond your industrial manufacturing processes to include infrastructure and utilities as well as supply chain improvement.  
Custom-fit for your business
The needs of your organisation and the challenges you face are the starting point to organise our resources and tailor the execution of the project to fit your business.
White paper

How to achieve effective manufacturing?

Manufacturing investment in new and existing facilities represents a real opportunity to drive costs down and raise productivity. Discover how world-class plant and process engineering, using new digital tools and techniques, can drive operational efficiency and deliver capex savings.
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How to increase investment success: strategies to maximise capex value - white paper - coverWhite paper

How to increase investment success: strategies to maximise capex value

It has never been more important to maximise the value of every capex cent spent. This white paper explains how companies can benefit from a systematic approach to capex value maximisation rather than relying on traditional approaches to cut costs. Download to discover how to identify useful strategies to maximise capex value.

Effective manufacturing projects

Malt production plant

Integrated process and design solution for malt production plant 

An integrated design incorporating process, logistics and buildings has been developed for one of the world’s leading producers of malt. Beyond the design scope we are involved as Project Management Consultant (PMC). Biggest challenge: fitting the building’s shape, location and configuration to logistic and process needs. Key to success: an integrated solution. Inputs from all disciplines were merged into a 3D model which detected and resolved clashes prior to construction.
Cooling machine

Smart solutions: energy-efficient upgrade at cocoa plant 

With minimal disruption to production at Olam Food Ingredients, smart energy-efficient solutions were introduced during the renewal of an out-dated cooling system. One challenge was the lack of available data on cooling capacities. Using process data and information from internal systems the necessary parameters were identified. The overall system assessment resulted in a consolidated, centralised, and optimised pipework with an entirely new routing system. 
Robert van der Noordaa - Global business developer

Robertvan der Noordaa

Global business developer