Drive competitiveness by implementing best in class manufacturing solutions

Your business can gain real value from the design and implementation of world class industrial manufacturing solutions. By ensuring plant and process operations are best in class, you boost productivity, cut costs and introduce more flexibility into production.

Performance can be further enhanced by implementing industry 4.0 solutions at the same time. Take advantage of our plant and process research and optimisation experience. Our engineering experts can help you improve your operations at existing and new sites.

Exploring the use of a modular or prefabricated factory can help with production innovation or development. This will allow you to test new markets without compromising product quality and safety. It can also allow you to respond quickly to increased customer demand. Following your production strategy, we provide full EPCM service for your next new factory or extension.

Take a great leap forward with better solutions

Imagine the advantages your business could gain from world-class experts in plant and sustainable production engineering. These experts are located in global and regional centres of excellence. The team has the best available Industry 4.0 analytics and predictive simulation tools at their disposal.
  1. Are you ready to adapt to market challenges?
    Want to expand into a new market? Need to make operational improvements? Our data driven solutions can help you. They are innovative and multidisciplinary.
  2. Tap into global best practice
    There is a multitude of opportunities for optimising your operations, from automation to lean tools, connectivity to advanced design. Our global centre of design excellence provides you with a short cut to world-leading innovation.
  3. Build in Industry 4.0 solutions
    Take advantage of digitalisation. Include the right level of intelligence in the plant for your digital transformation. This will help you to achieve higher performance and productivity with industry 4.0 technologies.
  4. Make it work, wherever you are
    We have more than just a global overview. We have the practical knowledge and experience needed to create the best solution for any situation. We have regional manufacturing design hubs in Europe, Africa, and Asia to support us.
  5. Our sophisticated tools give you quicker and better solutions
    Parametric modelling, specialist analytics and predictive simulations are some of the advanced tools we use to develop technical solutions.
  6. Connect to a wider network of specialist expertise
    We have our own experts in-house. Additionally, we collaborate with strategic alliances to gain access to more specialised knowledge. This helps us to speed up the process of innovation and implementation of practical solutions.
Effective manufacturing to stay ahead

360-degree integrated design

Benefit from an integrated approach to develop practical solutions, led by a multidisciplinary team applying plant and production process design tools. Their thinking extends beyond your industrial manufacturing processes to include infrastructure and utilities as well as supply chain improvement.
  1. Simplify operations to save time and money
    We take an integrated perspective when designing your plant, manufacturing process, factory buildings, offices, and utilities. This increases efficiency. Whether you’re looking at a green or brownfield site, we simplify operations and save you time and money.
  2. Sustainable solutions give you a win-win
    To make your business more sustainable and profitable, we seek creative solutions. We are committed to improving society together. It’s a win-win for you, with positive impact on your bottom line, competitive advantage and increased consumer loyalty.
  3. Reap multiple benefits from our technical expertise
    Our plant and process consultants have first hand operational experience in a wide range of industries. That means our plant and process solutions are based on real experience to deliver practical working solutions.
Effective manufacturing to stay ahead

Custom-fit for your business

The project must be tailored to fit your business needs. This starts with understanding the challenges your organisation is facing. Optimising the execution of the project will help you reach success.
  1. Clarity in expectations and deliverables
    We clarify your expectations and agree on deliverables. This ensures that we deliver your project according to your needs and priorities.
  2. Flexibility in approach
    We tailor our approach to your needs and challenges instead of sticking to a strict set of protocols. This is because we have a thorough understanding of what you need.
  3. Collaboration through teamwork
    We work closely with your people to become trusted partners, working effectively as an extension of your own team. There’s quicker adaptation on site and faster learning.
  4. Faster solutions drive your competitive advantage
    We use pre-engineered buildings, modular, skid-mounted equipment and leading practices to deliver high-quality solutions more quickly. Examples of these leading practices include parametric design and simulation.
  5. Committed to excellence
    Royal HaskoningDHV provides a comprehensive engineering partnership. We offer strong interface management, safe local construction, and rapid plant start ups.
Effective manufacturing to stay ahead
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Manufacturing investment in new and existing facilities represents a real opportunity to drive costs down and raise productivity. Discover how world-class plant and process engineering, using new digital tools and techniques, can drive operational efficiency and deliver capex savings.

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