Sustainable data centres for efficient, net zero operations

To have any chance of managing climate change, the world must halve carbon emissions this decade and collectively achieve net zero by 2050. Royal HaskoningDHV is 100% committed to achieving this goal. For ourself and our clients. Achieve total sustainability in your data centre design. Focus on your carbon footprint - not only for your Scope 1 and 2. Make upstream and downstream Scope 3 emissions visible in your supply chain as the new normal.
Sustainable data centres for efficient, net-zero operations

Zero carbon energy

One of the key benefits is our multi-sector expertise. As a company, we work for many industry types and our learnings in one area often cross into others. Expertise from the energy and water industries, together with design expertise in creating energy-efficient factories and buildings, are integral to our data centre services. Not only can the latest techniques dramatically reduce your energy use, but ever-improving access to renewable sources make it fully viable to establish net-zero data centres.

Managing heat

Data servers create a lot of heat in 24-hour operations. The traditional reliance on air conditioning for data centre cooling is one of the reasons that data centres use so much energy.

But there are much more carbon-friendly routes to cooling. We have successfully applied innovative building architecture to channel natural cool air through a data centre. Innovative recovery systems can also pass excess heat into systems to warm homes in your communities.

Water efficiency

Water scarcity is a very real threat in many locations around the globe, and relying on water for cooling systems is not a sustainable approach in such areas. Yet water provides a highly efficient source of cooling compared with other methods.

Our solution is to harness ‘low quality’ water for data centre cooling, rather than use public drinking water. Using wastewater from local utility companies delivers mutual benefits and much better long-term sustainability.

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Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance

We are member of the SDIA (Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance) to contribute with our knowledge and expertise towards shaping the highest standards of today's and tomorrow's digital infrastructure.


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