Meet Julian, Environmental Engineer Data Centres

Graduated from the Bachelor and Master Geography with a specialization in environmental management, Julian joined Royal HaskoningDHV in October 2020. Julian already gained practical experience at German environmental authorities. Also, Julian acquired specialized knowledge about important environmental topics like hydrology, waste management and geomorphology. Curious about what important and impactful projects Julian is working on in Germany and how he does experience the work atmosphere? Then keep on reading!
Julian Herche

At Royal HaskoningDHV, I feel I can make a change in a sustainable way which is very fulfilling.

Julian HercheEnvironmental Engineer Data Centres

My diverse role as an Environmental Engineer

Our data centre competence team delivers resilient and energy-efficient mission critical facilities that are fully integrated in their environment. As an Environmental Engineer, Julian plays a crucial role in this. “As an Environmental Engineer, I work primarily on data centre projects. My work is very diverse since there are multiple areas where I can contribute to like rainwater and wastewater management, underground facilities and open spaces outside the buildings. In the area of rainwater and wastewater management, I am responsible for the design of the rainwater and wastewater sewage systems. Also, the coordination of permits and applications with the authorities and suppliers is a crucial topic to take care of. If I talk about the open spaces outside the buildings as another field of work, I have to manage the site topography and the coordination of greenings and parking spaces. For my projects, I can visit multiple sites in Germany to see the results of our work. Altogether, I have a great variety in my work, which I enjoy very much.”

Working on innovative projects

“In one of my previous projects, I worked for a big technology company. At the request of the environmental authorities, we designed a stormwater drainage system that discharges accumulating stormwater into a nearby stream. Since this location was a water protection area, very complex measurements and analyses were necessary. In the end, we were able to find a sustainable and innovative solution that met the requirements of environmental protection and the client. It is nice to have challenges and extra requirements in projects to grow and keep learning. At Royal HaskoningDHV, I feel I can make a change in a sustainable way which is very fulfilling.”

A multidisciplinary and open-minded atmosphere

Our global team is spread out over the world, which means you work on multidisciplinary teams with colleagues across the border. “In Germany, we work with around 30 people in the Data Centre team. Despite our projects are mainly German, we always work with international colleagues from various disciplines. For me, this is an exciting point about working at Royal HaskoningDHV where I am able to learn a lot from others. Speaking English and interacting with colleagues from the Netherlands and South Africa is very enjoyable. Even after 2 years, I still meet new people while working on projects, this is very nice too! I still remember that when I started at Royal HaskoningDHV as a new colleague, I already felt that my opinion was always valued and heard. This gives me a good feeling to bring up new ideas.”

Personal and professional growth

By working on new and exciting projects you can stimulate your development and career aspirations. With us, you can craft your own career, with own development path. By following your curiosity and own interest, you will discover new areas of expertise to dive in. “During my time at Royal HaskoningDHV, I am making use of the variety of trainings the company is offering. Thanks to that, I am now a certified specialist in rainwater management. I also get the opportunity to continuously expand my knowledge spectrum through exchange with other disciplines, which is very useful in my projects and to see the total picture. Besides that, I followed trainings related to Revit modelling and our digital way of working.”

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